Acqua Di Gio vs Polo Blue

One of the important factors that favor the appearance to make it more interesting is how do you choose the right fragrance. But the problem is choosing the scents is not easy, just as difficult by choosing the right accessories to complement your looks. For that perfume makers are grouped into two types of fragrance for day and night. Daytime fragrance should be in accordance with the working environment/around without having to overload. While on the other hand, the fragrance of the night should be able to perform more and tracked her whereabouts. Essence fragrances during the day are more gentle and refreshing fragrance of the night, while the more powerful of its characteristics. Acqua Di Gio and Polo Blue is kind of fancy perfume for people who have a high taste. What if they compare? Similarities and differences will exist, but where does that suit your taste?

Acqua Di Gio

Inspired by the beauty of the Pantellerie, where he is spending his holiday, Armani Aqua Di Gio fragrance created for men and women. And this is perfume for men with scents of depicting freedom, full of wind and water cooling. The perfume was created in 1996 by Alberto Morillas. The composition is built from the perfect touch of aroma harmony of sweet and salty sea air and feel the warmth on your skin bright. For with the scent of citrus, combined with bergamot, lime, mandarin orange, jasmine, lemon, neroli and on the first phase. Then slowly it will feel aroma of cyclamen, along with nutmeg, coriander, mignotte, violet, flower, also a touch of fressia scent of sea water, peach, hiacynth, jasmine, and rosemary in the middle phase as we explained in the current title Acqua Di Gio vs Chanel Blue. And it will leave a trail of scent of amber, patchouli, oakmoss, cedar, and musk at the final phase. Kick-start your day with a fresh spicy fragrance of citrus and herbs of this perfume. Aroma characters not too strong and not too soft. And the immune be faithful to accompany you to your working time is over.

Polo Blue
Ralph Lauren-Polo Blue for Men who innovated by Ralph Lauren is a perfume with the scent of Aromatic Fougere for men. Polo Blue was launched in 2003. Polo Blue was created by Carlos Benaim and Christophe Laudamiel. The complete package is for you who want a perfume with the scent of fresh and watery. For those of you who are active and energetic. Opened with the fresh aroma of fruit melon, mandarin orange and cucumber on the first phase. Then the scent of basil, sage and geranium will spread in your room at the mid phase. And it will leave a trail of scent of musk, suede and the aroma of green plants. Dressed in a blue bottle, true to its name, with the typical Ralph Lauren perfume. Has symbol engraved on the bottle and box, making his character tips sportsmanship, sophisticated and masculine. This perfume can you use every day, with fresh characters, this perfume is being able to accompany you to your busy time is over. Ralph Lauren-Polo Blue are available in 125 ml Eau de Toillette.

- All our fragrances are 100% originals by their original designers. We do not sell any knockoffs or imitations.
- Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image above
- Aqua Di Gio for Men Eau De Toilette Spray 1.7 Oz / 50 Ml by Giorgio Armani
- Eau de toilette spray 4.2 oz/125 ml
- Polo Blue By Ralph Lauren For Men - 4.2 Oz Edt Spray
- Polo Blue By Ralph Lauren For Men

On each characteristic, Acqua Di Gio tends to smell very alcohol-y especially after one hour or so which ruins the feel a little to you. And Polo Blue is more straightforward, longer-lasting and nicer than Acqua Di Gio based on several reviews from loyal consumers.


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