Amouage Ubar vs Creed Aventus

The use of perfume in human life can already be found since the discovery of ancient civilizations. Nevertheless, modern perfume making as it is now only started running since the 19th century. Since then, the making of perfume is usually always adapted to human gender. This is because men and women have their own fragrance preferences in their perfume. In this modern era, it seems that the difference between male and female perfumes is hard to recognize anymore. Especially with the unisex fashion trend that many create a perfume that can be used by both gender. There are two brand of perfumes that have woody scented which have its own uniqueness among others are Amouage Ubar and Creed Aventus.

Amouage Ubar
Amouage released the Ubar Perfume in 1995 for the purpose of celebrating the Oman Jubileum Silver Year, and is destined for the lost city of Ubar in Oman, which has been believed to be an important center of incense trading. Ubar re-launched this year 2009. This time it has a new packaging, a new concentration that was Eau de Toilette now become Eau de Perfume) and with much higher new price. Notes (bergamot, lemon, lily of the valley, Damascena rose, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, sandalwood, synthetic weasel and vanilla) still have the same composition. The aroma of Amouage Ubar begins with a citrusy lily in the valley with a ferret’s touch. This gives way to the soft flowers, mostly roses at first, but with the jasmine becomes much more pronounced when it dries. The grounds are beautiful: sandalwood is very fine with only a little vanilla. There are musical tones that have been muted, and there is also a little element of frankincense. The new Ubar is arguably a better aroma than the old one. (See also: Tom Ford Black Orchid vs Creed Aventus)

Creed Aventus
Founded in 1760 and passed from father to son, Creed is the one and only world’s privately held luxury fragrance dynasty. Based in Paris, the company today is led by Olivier Creed, a sixth-generation master perfumer. Creed is famous for unrelenting high standards when it comes to fragrance creation. Mr. Creed travels the globe searching for the purest essences to compose his masterpieces. Using the infusion technique (which has been abandoned by the modern industry), Creed weighs, mixes, macerates, and filters everything by hand. They also use the highest percentage of natural components in the prestigious French perfume industry. Creed perfumed oils are a contemporary offering to meet the demands of today’s eco-minded clients. An alcohol-free way to enjoy Creed fragrances in natural oil blends, Creed perfumed oils provide gentle soothing and mild conditioning to the skin. Creed offers Aventus perfumed oil, scented precisely to match the notorious Aventus fragrance. The characteristic of this perfume are to craft perfumed oil, master perfumer Olivier Creed utilizes the same crop of hand-picked blooms, fruits and other natural ingredients he uses to make the Aventus fragrance. Yet instead of a traditional fine fragrance alcohol base, Mr. Creed crafts an alternative base of : calendula oil to gently soothe the skin, almond oil with beneficial omega-3 and Aloe extract to soften and heal. The result is a fragrant oil rich enough to spray and enjoy on its own or to layer with Creed Aventus fragrance as part of a daily regimen.

Each perfume has its own uniqueness and distinctive characteristics that can describe your characteristics and personality, you can choose the type of perfume that suits your needs and tastes. Both perfumes have superior quality and long endurance, you can make the review above as a consideration to choose the type of perfume that matches the most to your character.


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