Burberry Brit vs Burberry Touch

Sometimes when faced with sudden, perfume fragrances You confused choosing which. All perfumed aroma, but is later to be suitable to be worn and not make a bored? Choose a perfume, it is much more difficult than choosing an outfit. You can customize the shirt size and taste colors. While choosing perfume, scent of all and most do indeed scent body functions. Especially when you are faced with the choice of perfume from Burberry with the fragrance of her perfume which of course special. Perfumes from Burberry are often faced with forms of comparison or battle review is Burberry Brit vs. Burberry Touch. The choice will depend on especially when you finish reading this article.

Burberry Brit
Burberry Brit when first sprayed then splash a very fresh citrus notes, the piercing cold, Citrus of bergamot, Green Mandarin fragrance top notes last a fairly long time about 4 hours, go to the next hour, then more noticeably fragrant spicy from the heart notes and base notes which is a blend of Cedarwood, Nutmeg, Wild Rose accord, Tonka Beans, Grey Musk, Oriental Woods Accord. Burberry ‘ Brit ‘ woman has the scent of oriental/spicy. With the scent of the characters who are, this perfume will be faithful to accompany up to the time of your busy life to an end. You can use it every day, every moment. To accompany you leave work, on vacation or simply gathered with colleagues, trust us on this one perfume. The scent is fresh and unique and will support the success of your appearance.

Burberry Touch
Burberry Touch is created by Michel Girard on the beginning of 2000. The fragrance’s smell is soft and casual with a hint of freshness in the top notes which include blackcurrant, cassis, cranberry, and pink pepper corns. These give a way to delicious floral middle notes. Base Notes is about Tonka Bean Vetiver White Musk Tonka Bean, Vetiver, and White Musk too. Rose, lily of the valley and jasmine mix with the notes of peaches and raspberries. The trail is comfortable as an English blanket, scented with warm notes of vanilla, cedarwood and oakmoss. And with the scent of the characters who are, this perfume will be faithful to accompany up to the time of your busy life to an end. You can use it every day, every moment. Sweet fragrance and luxury will support the success of your appearance.

- 3.3 fl. oz EDP Spray. Packaging may vary from the image
- Warming amber and mahogany are calmed with sensual notes of vanilla and tonka beans.
- BURBERRY Touch for women Eau de Toilette a clean, refreshing fragrance with top notes of artemisia, mandarin tree and violet leaves Heart notes of nutmeg, Virginia cedar wood and white pepper add warmth
- Heart notes of nutmeg, comforting Virginia cedarwood and white pepper add warmth

Burberry Touch is excellent really but it is only decent projection and longetivity. While Burberry Brit is average and a way too powdery for me and has similar projection and also longetivity to London with a lot of heavy base notes that does not fade away. The choice is on you and your favor or taste on each Burberry’s perfume in this article.


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