Calvin Klein Obsession vs Eternity

Calvin Klein is arguably the most popular and widely recognized luxury perfume houses and designer brands across the world today. The company’s synonymous branding style which combines elegance, simplicity and excellence in its tailoring and finishing to their clean, crisp and high-end relished products, is the leading in the current clothing and cosmetic industry in the world. Its perfume brands CK Obsession and Eternity, whose scentsa represent the olfactory epitomes of what it connotes to love and be loved, are the fragrances of romance and passion. Although these perfumes have been reformulated severally, their signature.


While both represents passion and romance, CK’s Obsession was first launched in 1985. Eternity fragrance came three years later in 1988.

Only few if any fragrances that are more invigorating and sensual than CK’s Obsession exist. Since its launch, the perfume has never experienced any observable competition in its popularity. On the other hand, CK’s Eternity remains the undoubted all time unrivalled and romantically scented perfume.

While Eternity is a timeless romantic fragrance that was inspired by the idea of an everlasting love, and whose signature scent than be worn at any time, day nor night, Obsession represents the candid, sensuous and provocative idea of women as Calvin Klein himself viewed them.

Eternity is a quite simply luxurious fragrance in a bottle with a sophisticated and styled ability to seduce and fascinate anyone around. It easily combines classic with the modern and offers a mouth-watering scent only found in white florals and lily. On the contrary, Obsession which leans towards the citrus-lemony vouchsafes a smooth transitional and vanillic-woody fusion. It is not only a titillating fragrance, but also teasing one that gradually unfolds the sense of anticipation.

With simple and minimalist, gorgeously designed bottles, the packaging of Calvin Klein’s Obsession and Eternity fragrances has always remained the same over time. Though the fragrances have undergone several transformations, they speak for themselves. Their unforgettable scents have and are still creating long-lasting fans.

- Impressions : Passionate, powerful, intense
- Smell : Floral fragrance
- Type : Eau de Parfum
- Release date : 1985
- Impressions : Romantic, timeless, feminine
- Smell : Floral fragrance
- Type : Eau de Parfum
- Release date : 1988

Calvin Klein Obsession vs Eternity
One fascinating thing about the Calvin Klein fragrances worth noting is that they suit people of all sexes and ages. A fact that makes them true classic fragrances and impossible to replicate.


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