Chanel Allure Sport vs Bleu

Chanel is the house of not only countless amounts of fashionable clothing but also plenty of iconic fragrances like Chanel Allure Sport Vs Bleu. These masculine perfumes are loved by many for their familiar scents and freshness that can improve your confidence but also keeps the people around you comfortable. While quite similar, the two are not exactly the same and before deciding to choose one, let’s see what you can expect from the two here so then we can shop better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How Fragrances are Made
  • What are Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu
  • How are the Presentation of Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu
  • What are the Notes of Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu
  • How are the Impression of Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu
  • How are the Lasting Power of Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu
  • Chanel Allure Sport Vs Bleu

Fragrance Manufacturing Process

People love pleasant smells whether it is the fragrance of our mother’s cooking or from the shampoo we use. Fragrance affects buying decisions because we are attracted to them and this is a great marketing effort in the industry for so many different products including the perfume or fragrance itself. What’s so unique about fragrance is that they can be made so similar and so different and different people can have different takes on each one of them based on their own preferences.

Just like cosmetics, fragrance has been around since our ancestors still walked on this earth. The methods of making them are even still similar to how big industries are manufacturing tons of it today. The process of making a fragrance starts with gathering or collecting the ingredients, extracting the oils, blending the various ingredients, aging it if needed, and of course quality control. It’s a long step and the industry has evolved especially on the type of sources these ingredients come from.

Not only the manufacturing process, the main ingredients play a huge role in deciding the quality as well as end price of the fragrance. In the past, perfumes were made by extracting oil from natural ingredients both plant based and animal based, as well as other resources such as coal, tars, and alcohol or petrochemicals. They can also be made synthetically when the scent has not occurred in nature or is hard to find so it often has the rarest and unique scent.

Extraction methods can vary depending on the ingredients such as solvent extraction and steam distillation. Solvent extraction is when the ingredient is covered with petroleum ether or benzene so then it can dissolve into the solvent used, resulting in a waxy substance containing the extracted oils. This substance then combines with ethyl alcohol to purify the oil while the alcohol is burned off, leaving only the perfume oil. With steam distillation, the ingredient is put in a still like making some types of alcohols and stay there until done being extracted.

Blending these ingredients requires experience and it is done based on the formula. This formula is decided by the master and often referred to as nose. The formulas are carefully created sometimes for several years and tried with so many different ingredients. This covers the plant based and animal based as well as other ingredients. As for animal based products, they are often used as fixatives to help the fragrance to evaporate slowly and keep it on your skin or fabric for longer. Some of these fixatives are coal tar, mosses, or resins while water and alcohol can be used for diluting the ingredients. 

Chanel Allure Sport Chanel Bleu
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About Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu

The way the fragrance smells on your nose is very subjective so it is not for everyone to decide yet, other’s opinion can be a great help to let you decide on which will be pleasant not only for you but also for the people near you everyday. You can get adventurous by choosing them based on the notes or what scent that you like the most or trying uncommon scents but, if you prefer a safer buy, popular brands and their famous perfumes will be a great choice.

Designer perfumes are the most convenient because they are made by famous names in the industry like Chanel and thus, many people are familiar with the collection. They may not guarantee that you will always like the fragrance, but getting popular scents ensure that many others will also like it or chances are they won’t be too offensive, especially for masculine fragrances that can present as too aggressive. Based on the type of scent you like the most, we have more than plenty to consider.

For those who are attracted to fresh and aromatic fragrance that can be worn almost all the time, the popular Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu are suitable options without being too adventurous. These two are loved by many for their friendly but fascinating scents and you may like them as well. In comparison, the Allure Sport is probably a perfect summer fragrance while the Bleu is more versatile as well as timeless because it uses versatile and timeless notes.

These fragrances should be familiar with so many people because they have been around for quite some time, especially the Allure Sport that is almost two decades old now, compared to Bleu which was launched in 2014 after the original version introduced in 2010. Both Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu are coming from the same nose Jacques Polge so it is not surprising that you can find so many similarities between the two. But, instead of fresh, the nuance you get from Bleu is woody and aromatic.

Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu Presentation

We personally love how these fragrances are presented because they are very simple. The two share the same aesthetic of a square bottle and with almost no stand out accent yet still look elegant and subjectively we do prefer how Bleu looks like here because it is transparent and this type of bottle is just convenient to let you see the amount left inside. The black shade also adds a mysterious accent to Bleu and matches well with the way it smells.

On the other hand, Allure Sport is rather sporty with this silver bottle. The styling is similar but we can feel the Chanel accent stronger in this fragrance, especially the detailing on its cap with the brand name embossed around the hip. As for the variant, Allure Sport is an EDT while Bleu is available in EDT, EDP, and Perfume but today we are comparing the EDP and if you want to save some, we recommend getting the EDT variant as it is much more affordable. Read also: Chanel Allure Sport Vs Extreme.

Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu Notes

If it is possible, we highly recommend you to try the fragrance directly but for those who prefer to shop from home, deciding the option by their notes is a great helper to make sure whether you are comfortable with them or not. Starting with the Allure Sport, this is a very citrusy fragrance and opens up with fresh orange and mandarin with the summer scents of sea notes and aldehydes. It will unfold into a rather spicy pepper then woody cedar with neroli in the middle.

The base notes are made of vanilla, white musk, amber, tonka bean, as well as elemi resin to give the powdery sweet scent. The Bleu is also a fresh fragrance and depending on the person, they may smell the amber or the grapefruit first. The top notes of this fragrance are grapefruit, lemon, mint, pink pepper, aldehydes, coriander, and bergamot. It is spiced with ginger and with traditional jasmine, nutmeg and melon, while the base is dominated by incense combined with amber, sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, labdanum, and amberwood. 

Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu Impression

Now for the nuance, we do think these combinations from Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu create different types of experience for the wearer. Both open up with strong citrusy notes but Sport is rather aquatic and is quite bright especially with the sea notes and aldehydes on the top. On the other hand Bleu is fresh with a touch of warmness from the amber and other aromatics like bergamot. In comparison, you may get this creaminess out of Sport coming from the tonka bean.

Bleu will turn into a spicy and warm fragrance after a while and you can notice the spices more here. Personally we love the addition of incense as the base because it gives a familiar feeling but also mysteriousness into the fragrance.

Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu Lasting Power

As daily fragrances, both Chanel Allure Sport and Bleu should be working really well. We recommend choosing the Bleu EDT because the EDP is not very long lasting for the price which makes it wiser to spend on the EDT variant instead such as the Sport. The two stay fresh with moderate projection for the first to two hours and calms down into sweet or spicy and warm scent respectively after. The lasting power may differ from person to person but it seems most people can wear them for about 4 hours or sometimes 6 hours indoors.

Chanel Allure Sport vs Bleu

These are widely popular fragrances so you may smell them worn by so many people wherever you travel. In comparison, the Sport is a fresh fragrance and while you can always wear it anytime, the nuance it gives matches well for summer and an active lifestyle. The Bleu is fresh with warm spices that are more versatile whether you are wearing it in the morning or afternoon. 

- The Crystal clear beginning introduces notes of water and aldehydes
- It is followed by woodsy and spicy character of the fragrance
- The base is composed of sensual white musk, Tonka beans and amber
- Country Of Origin: United States
- It is recommended for casual use
- Launched by the design house of Chanel in the year 2010.
- Long lasting fragrance
- Item Form Spray


You can go amazing with any of these fragrances based on which seems to match well with your own preference. For those who are active or prefer fresh, summary fragrances, we highly recommend the Allure Sport but if you like the warm and spicy type of fragrance, the Bleu is a timeless piece for any occasion.

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