Chanel Allure Sport vs Extreme

Sometimes the best fragrances are those that we have been familiar with such as Chanel Allure Sport Vs Extreme. They are often the safest choice when you are not really into experimenting and because the scent has been around for quite some time, people will tend to like it as well. These fragrances are made for men to be confident but they are not the same at all. If you are also wondering about which to choose, let’s see the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why People Have Different Favorite Fragrance 
  • What are Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme
  • How are the Presentation of Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme
  • How are the Notes of Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme
  • How are the Impression of Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme
  • How are the Lasting Power of Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme
  • Chanel Allure Sport Vs Extreme

Fragrance Preferences

People usually love certain smells that they perceive as good and this is not limited only to body scent but also for when we are choosing for food. Buying fruits for example, we often smell it before deciding whether it is ripe enough to consume quickly or we have to wait for a couple of days before the fruit is ripe and sweet. When socializing, we are also affected by the body scent emitted by people around us and while we can be okay with them, sometimes it throws us off as well. 

Just like how we decide whether a certain dish is delicious or not, scent is a subjective preference. This is why there are so many fragrances created and it still doesn’t seem enough because people always want to try something new. We are free to choose just like how other people are free to like or dislike it. Strangers will not say anything about your choice or scent but our closest people like family members, friends, or partners are usually more vocal about it, because we meet them more often.

The common perception of why we choose to wear some type of fragrance is to mask our natural body odor but it seems that this is much more complicated than to feel confident without having to worry about how we present ourselves. Taken from Cosmopolitan, according to a research the reason why people like wearing a certain scent is not to mask the something with perfume but rather to complement it. Our body has a unique scent and the scent we choose tends to be similar to how we smell.

This is probably why it is so diverse and why people have certain preferences when it comes to choosing their favorite scents. Another fascinating fact is that people can have different natural scents due to the immune system and we are also attracted to people with immune systems that are different from our own. 

This can give a new perspective when we buy a new perfume or choose a fragrance and probably buy it for someone else. It is highly subjective so choose the one that you like or the options that you enjoy smelling from your own body. On the other side think about the person you want to give the perfume to, about their scent and not what they like.  Chances are we can select a more ideal and more suitable scent that they may prefer better.

 Chanel Allure SportChanel Extreme
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About Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme

There are so many good options when it comes to fragrance because they can always be formulated with different ingredients and designed as how the perfumer wants it to be. It is a complex process and as a consumer we want quality products. Good or bad is personal but there are some hints we can try to understand first before going out and getting a bottle of your new perfume. Especially if you are not familiar with the scent, it is wise to always try it beforehand. 

Some people love to experiment and some also prefer to stick with the popular option because they like it or because it is a safe choice. Fragrance can be quite costly so we must spend wisely as it is a waste to not use an expensive one because it turns out you don’t like it. There are more than plenty of brands to choose from such as the familiar Chanel which we are sure most people are already familiar with. 

Besides being known for their clothing line, they also made lots of fragrance made for men and women as well as versatile scents that can be worn by anyone. Some of their favorite fragrances for men are Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme which also come from the same line and you will find few other variants too inside the Allure Home series. In comparison, the Extreme is quite new as it was introduced in 2012 while the Sport variant was already marketed 8 years earlier.

Both fragrances are good options and since they are coming from the same line, the Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme are also quite similar but not at the same time. The characters of these fragrances are fresh and bold but they give a different vibe to the overall impression. People seem to love them for warmer weather and nice, clean impressions but personal preference matters the most and we do think the Allure Sport is more acceptable or often being preferred by most people for its freshness. 

Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme Presentation

Before checking out how these popular fragrances are offered from the bottle, let’s see how they are presented first but here we do think they are very simple. Most masculine fragrances have a similar approach to design their compartment and honestly, it is kind of difficult to guess how they smell from the way the fragrance appeared. Both have the same bottle and the same styling with the Chanel logo carved into the hip of the cap while the cap itself remains the same; black and matte.

The square bottle also sits well on your shelf, coming in a box that has the same fashion as the main item. The only difference is the Allure Sport has this light grey/silver shade, with a box coming in the same fashion, featured with a black sidewall while the Extreme uses a much darker shade of grey and this fragrance uses the same shade for the box. Read also: Versace Pour Homme Vs Eau Fraiche.

Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme Notes

If you have the chance to try or wear it, we do think it will be a great way to help decide between them since again, scent can be very subjective. Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme may come from the same line but they are designed to be different. Starting with the older scent, this opened with strong citrus notes which come from orange and mandarin, combined with sea notes and aldehydes. As it dries down, it will open up to warmer notes with pepper, cedar, and neroli.

The last thing you can smell from the Allure Sport is mostly amber and rather sweet and spicy in combination with tonka bean, vanilla, white musk, vetiver, and alemi resin. On the other hand, the Extreme version still has the fresh notes but you will smell more aromatics from cypress and sage at the opening, with some hints of orange and mint as well. It dries down as spicy and powdery with tonka bean, musk, cedar, and sandalwood scents.

Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme Impression

While similarly fresh, the Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme are not identical. In fact they are very much different from the first impression because with the Allure Sport original, the fragrance is opened up with bright, fresh, and very citrusy notes. Citrus is the most prominent scent when it was first sprayed while Extreme is more on the aromatic side. There is still a hint of citrus there, but it is barely noticeable. They also dry down quite differently with Allure Sport still retaining its freshness yet Extreme turns rather powdery.

It is not the soft and calm powdery type but more of a strong and bold powdery scent. You can also notice the fresh spicy notes as Extreme began to open up their basic layers which can be sweet and musky too. As for the original, it gives off a summer vibe after the fresh citrus is gone, changing into a more marine like and sweetness from the vanilla. It becomes milder and still very comfortable.

Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme Lasting Power

Lastly for the lasting ability, the Chanel Allure Sport and Extreme are impressive, they are very long lasting compared to similar cheaper fragrances with similar scents. The first opening will only last for about an hour for the Extreme but last for longer on the original Allure Sport for 2-3 hours. They fade into different notes and the overall scents will stay on your skin for 5 hours easily. Some people even say they can last for 6-8 hours at most so they are ideal for daytime occasions.

Chanel Allure Sport vs Extreme

The preference may be different but it seems many people love these fragrances. The difference between the two is quite prominent and in short, one is a citrusy, bright, fresh fragrance while the latter is an aromatic and musky version of it. The Extreme still has a bit of freshness but is not too noticeable and while the original dries down becomes the milder version of the opening, Extreme turns out quite different with the rather spicy notes. But, they do have the same lasting power and equally last for very long on the skin.

- The Crystal clear beginning introduces notes of water and aldehydes
- It is followed by woodsy and spicy character of the fragrance
- The base is composed of sensual white musk, Tonka beans and amber
- Allure to the extreme. A powerful
- dynamic and invigorating fragrance for the man who thrives on extreme sensations and pushes himself beyond his limits.
- An intense Eau de Parfum, like a rush of adrenaline.


You can choose any of these favorite options, especially during the summer but, personally we recommend the Chanel Allure Sport because it matches well with outdoor activity and is versatile too if you choose to wear it at night. It is more familiar in a nice way so other people will like it smelling from you as well.

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