Coty Wild Musk vs Jovan Musk

Musk is probably among the most popular fragrance notes used in many both cheap and high-end branded fragrances. It is also a very versatile notes that loved by both men and women since it smells nice and comforting. For women, Coty Wild Musk vs Jovan Musk are two nice option especially if you are not ready to spend much on a perfume. While both of them may be similar, they are also different and to know how they differ, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

    What is Musk

    What are Coty Wild Musk and Jovan Musk

    What Coty Wild Musk and Jovan Musk Look Like

    How Coty Wild Musk and Jovan Musk Smell Like

    How are the Performance of Coty Wild Musk and Jovan Musk

    Coty Wild Musk vs Jovan Musk

Musk Fragrance
Perfume has been used by our ancestors since long time ago to be more pleasant when in present of other people and to mask the natural body odor which can be very annoying sometime. Perfume used to only have a simple scents such as with one or two notes in a bottle but as human knowledge improve, the most popular fragrances today are made with 3 layers or several different notes separated by top, middle and base notes implying how long the smell exposed.

One notes that always been a favorite since before the 19th century is musk and in the past, they are derived from a living animal which is male deer. Taken from Wikipedia  due to ethical and economic motives, we are no longer using natural source and moved to synthetic musk as used by many fragrances today. It is believed that the smell of musk is sexually attractive for women thus, there are tons of men fragrances using musk in their structure but can also being used in many women fragrance.

Musk is an old popular and back then around 60s or 70s, it seems that almost all people have a musk fragrance in their desk so purchasing one now may be a bit nostalgic for many of us. As opposed to branded, big names fragrance, musk are available from drugstore brands which you can get by scarifying far less money. Most of them will have that smooth and sweet nuance which is in our opinion suit evening occasion or just to relax your mind when going to sleep.

About Coty Wild Musk and Jovan Musk
For those who don’t want to spend much, drugstore brand like Coty and Jovan are two nice option to go and we are sure most people are already familiar with them because these fragrances have been in the market for quite the time; probably from when our parents still in high school. While they seem to be made by different manufacturer, they are actually come from the same parent after bought by the same company in the past but in the start they are indeed different company.

They have many collections of fragrances but when you mention their name, the Wild Musk and Musk fragrance are the top choice among people. They have been released decades ago and in the past, people experience that these two are among the best and affordable with nice performance but today, it seem that they are no longer long lasting due to some reformulation especially the Coty Wild Musk. Read also: Viva La Juicy vs I Love Juicy Couture here.

Coty Wild Musk and Jovan Musk Design
Both of Coty Wild Musk and Jovan Musk are available in men and women version with similar yet different notes but in this article, we are only going to talk about the women version. They are coming in a clear glass bottle in several sizes but there is nothing special about the package except from the old-school look. The juice inside is in amber color for Wild Musk while Jovan fragrance is lighter in color, almost similar to a champagne liquid.

Coty Wild Musk and Jovan Musk Notes
Moving into the note parts, here we can see how these fragrance supposed to smell like and let’s start with Wild Musk first. This fragrance that was launched in 1972 is offering a very simple fold of notes which you can directly distinguish when spraying it. Not based on the fold, there are musk, vanilla, jasmine and rose notes in this one but the first you will smell perhaps the powdery classic rose in combination with musk and after a while it will reveal the musk vanilla combination.

At the other hand, Jovan Musk is also using a similar range of notes but instead of rose, this fragrance is preferring white floral such as neroli combined with jasmine, musk and bergamot. If you have smelled a baby before, this one have a much similarity to those Johnson baby shampoo thus, in general the scent is calm and sweet. When you spray it in the air, the whole notes will give you a nice and neutral scent combined with the rather fresh bergamot.

Coty Wild Musk and Jovan Musk Performance
Moving into the performance side, both of Coty Wild Musk and Jovan Musk are not going to be you most long lasting fragrance and for those people who are seeking nostalgia from their young age, you will still get the similar scents, but the consistency and formulations are already changed which unfortunately also affect the whole longevity. Comparing the two Coty is probably the weakest because it is like your older perfume but diluted with alcohol so somehow the scent won’t settle for long.

What’s concerning is some people even experience their fragrance gone after only several minutes. As for Jovan, this one is performing better than Coty because when you put it on, the smell will stay lingering to you for several hours later and the longer it gets, the more soapy it gets.

Now, let’s compare Coty Wild Musk with Jovan Musk. As you may already know, the difference between them are on the notes and performance. Coty is more sensual in our opinion and very feminine due to the rose note while Jovan is soapy or more powdery so the final scent is cleaner and calmer which making it suitable for teenager or those in early 20s as well.

Coty Wild Musk vs Jovan Musk

- COTY WILD MUSK is a women's fragrance that possesses a blend of flowers, vanilla and musk.
- Launched by the design house of Coty in 1973
- Experience the sexy feeling with this mysterious fragrance. It unleashes your own natural powers of seduction.
- Jasmine, neroli, and bergamot blend with the earthy, seductive musk in its composition.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference or taste especially when it comes to fragrance. However, we do prefer Jovan Musk better because we like the notes and clean scent as well as fairly better performance when compared to Coty Wild Musk. What’s more impressive is this one actually cost more affordable than the other so we can save some cash.


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