Davidoff Cool Water vs Nautica Voyage 

Things to know about Davidoff Cool Water Vs Nautica Voyage (Perfume) before you purchase. These two cologne brands are really popular among men and got good reviews from users. Here will give you a closer look and the comparison between Davidoff Cool Water Vs Nautica Voyage (Perfume) so you will know which is most suitable for you to complete your cologne collection.

Davidoff Cool Water for Men

Launched by the design house of Zino Davidoff in 1988 Davidoff Cool Water being top 10 best seller in Amazon among others cologne. The packaging brings up image of ocean fragrance, the sea, waves and surf, cooler and sexy masculine. Coming with top notes of mint and green nuances, lavender, coriander and rosemary. While the heart notes are geranium, neroli, jasmine, sandalwood, also cedarwood, musk, amber and tobacco as its base notes complete the masculinity nuance of this fragrance.

Davidoff Cool Water has the power to refresh and being iconic masculine scent with mossy wood notes features fresh citrus notes and a woody dry down. While the top notes give the intense freshness of peppermint and lavender and spicy from the heart notes. Davidoff Cool Water also bring warm sensation from base notes amber and musk. The scent is fresh and very casual, it is perfect for the office or date also suitable for Spring or Summer seasons. However, there is no uniqueness, smell common as other popular cool water so you won’t smell unique and not sophisticated enough for black tie or dinner events.

The Davidoff Cool Water has soft-medium smell and moderate that will not make people surround you choke but the performance of this cologne is great for fresh fragrance. Once you wear the fragrance will last for 6-7 hour. The smell is like an expensive fragrance that worth $300 fragrance with $30 budget.

Fresh fragrance usually suffering from performance because many fragrances there are 10 years and older don’t smell the same like they used to smell back in the day. Even it has been reformulated, but it still is a powerhouse. Read also: Polo Blue vs Polo Red.

 Davidoff Cool WaterNautica Voyage 
Product Dimensions6 x 5 x 4 inches2 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches
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Nautica Voyage

Launched by the design house of Nautica, this masculine fragrance standouts and very popular. Being one of best seller fragrance in the market, this aquatic cologne bring up the vibe of Spring and Summer. Coming with oceanic feel, Nautica Voyage has mix of apple, musk, cedar, lotus, amber, mimosa and oak moss notes. It has softer and more woodsy scents also warmth from amber. It is more like crisp watery aroma than oceanic one.

The opening of Nautica Voyage has fruity and watery that the definition of inoffensive scent that everyone can enjoy. Some users said that the opening scent of apple note is their favorite because the scent is much more naturalistic and lighter not like common other fragrances. The opening of time wearing a little bit intense from lotus and mimosa notes. However, it is still pleasant with mix of musk and floral notes that bring green smell. The fresh scents more bring to youthful image yet still masculine rather than sexy.

The cologne is a moderate and fresh, the projection is pretty good. Once you apply this cologne it can last up 7 hours that is pretty good longevity for $20 cologne. You can wear this in casual time school or work but it not pretty good for night life.

Which one is better Davidoff Cool Water vs Nautica Voyage 

Coming from the same cheap price yet expensive smell image, both Davidoff Cool Water Vs Nautica Voyage (Perfume) are best seller. So, lets take a comparison between two thus you can decide which one you want to purchase.


Cool Water by Davidoff start with marine from mints notes followed with floral notes at the top. Meanwhile Nautica Voyage has watery opening, crisp and chilled feeling. Start out with apple, mimosa, and musk bring up a little bit intense but still pleasant.


Davidoff Cool Water Vs Nautica Voyage (Perfume) are similar with its sillage. Both of the cologne is moderate and they have same vintage Cool Water vibe. Neither of two has better in projection.


Actually Davidoff Cool Water Vs Nautica Voyage (Perfume) could last for a half day. Somehow, Cool Water is quite has advantages that last for 6-7 hour while Nautica Voyage 5-7 hour. Not a big deal but somehow Cool Water has better consistency.


Both of the cologne can go for casual and office also for Summer or Spring season wear. Somehow, Davidoff Cool Water is more mature fragrance that has more sexy masculine scent than Nautica Voyage makes Cool Water more fit for work environments. Neither of two perfect fit for black tie or nightlife. Davidoff Cool Water Vs Nautica Voyage (Perfume) in term of versatility slightly better for Davidoff product.

Overall Scent

Cool Water has a nice opening with mint note. While Nautica Voyage is not good for the opening but smoother in the end. Some users’ experiences more like Cool Water to wear because it is more depth and has better smell. But, for younger guys will probably chose Voyage because it more has youthful image but for older Cool Water fit better. Overall reviews Cool Water is more grab people hearts even for girls love the scents.  

The Price

Even Davidoff Cool Water Vs Nautica Voyage (Perfume) have expensive smell, they are categorized as cheap cologne. According to Amazon, a bottle of Davidoff Cool Water (6.7 oz) is around $26.54-$33.99 and for a bottle of Nautica Voyage (1.6 oz) is around $14.85-$21.00. Both of them are worth your money to purchase.

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- Launched by the design house of nautica
- This is masculine fragrance
- A blend of apple, cedarwood, musk, amber, waterlotus, greenleaf and mimosa notes


Both of Davidoff Cool Water Vs Nautica Voyage (Perfume) are great in their own way. Even the product has some similarity in concept, but the sensation while wearing it is different. So, which one is better? For overall review Davidoff Cool Water win this comparison because it has more fresh, sexy-masculine scents and smell slightly last longer. Besides, Davidoff Cool Water is old product that has the same fresh expensive smell like it used to. Some reviews from girls more fall in love with Cool Water scents. So, which one is your choice? Or maybe you will purchase both of them to complete your perfume collection?


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