Dior Sauvage VS YSL Y EDP

We all want to smell good and there are plenty of fragrances to choose based on which scent will complement your lifestyle of skin the most. For men looking to wear something that can make them look sexier and masculine, the Dior Sauvage Vs YSL T EDP are some of the most popular and safer options among the so many options. For those who also want to buy one, let’s see below about which scent to go for. 

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Always Smell Good
  • What are Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP
  • How are the Presentation of Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP
  • How are the Notes of Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP
  • How are the Impression of Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP
  • How are the Performance of Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP
  • Dior Sauvage Vs YSL Y EDP

Maintaining Body Scent

Our body is unique and the reason why is because everyone is different so we will look different and have different preferences too. When it comes to scent, there is actually no single answer on which will be the most pleasant scent that all of us will agree on. This is because smells good itself is subjective and based on what you find pleasant. It is probably like pungent foods or fruits that are widely loved by people but also despised by some.

Self-hygiene is the most basic way to smell good because washing off will also remove the odor that our body produces during the activity. If you want to smell something, applying a fragrance like Jovan Musk Vs Black Musk will be helpful. People can begin to remember you too when smelling similar scent if they find you wear it often. Signature scent is the smell your body produces from the mix or fragrance and natural body scent so even if we use the same perfume, it won’t be exactly the same on skin. 

Both men and women wear fragrances to stay fresh and smell great. Apply the perfume on your pulse points to allow them to mix with natural body chemistry as the body heats up and the scent will be activated or released. Most perfumes are liquid so they are applied using spray but, using roll on can be more ideal because we can precisely apply it to spots that we want to. Additionally, it is also often more affordable for the smaller package and less amount of liquid. 

For women, try spraying the favorite fragrance on the brush as well because it will help it last throughout the day. For men, we may have to wear hair styling products that already have a scent so it is not necessary.  A tip, try finding the pulse point and apply or spritz some such as the back of the neck, crook of the elbows, wrists, small of the back, and behind the knees.

If you are the type who also uses body care products like lotion, it is great to have one that stays for long in terms of scent. We personally love this method because it doesn’t annoy other people for the strength but still makes you feel fresh. Scented lotions are amazing and from personal experience we have used one that somehow still stays on the skin even after going back from work. It is amazing to see how they are still on the skin after the long hours of activities.

 Dior Sauvage YSL Y EDP
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About Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP

Oftentimes you will want to wear something that is safe or will surely get you compliment because fragrance can be quite tricky, especially for men fragrance that are designed to be strong. Over spraying can cause them to be too offensive so besides the notes we also have to pay attention to the application. When it comes to men’s fragrance, you will hear a lot about fresh scent and juicy scent, mostly from citrus fruits. It is a very common opening on so many different fragrances.

If you are liking this type of scent as well, there will be lots to choose from because it is a very popular scent to be used in fragrances. Dior and YSL for example are both famous designer brands and they do carry some of the most popular men’s fragrance in the last several years. If you are not a budget shopper we do think some of the well-liked fragrances from these houses will be great options. 

For those who prefer something that is well-liked, in the last several years Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP are two promising options to go for. We have heard about these fragrances a lot recently and how people are liking the scent whether it is men or women. They are also received warmly by women so if you are always worried about accidentally choosing an annoying fragrance, the two will surely get you that compliment. They are not the same however and as different formulations, they are giving different impressions as well.

We found the reason why Sauvage is well received and this is because of the masculine but refreshing and aromatic notes. The Y is also the same and if you like fresh aromatic, we will highly recommend trying this one too. It is because the scent is not as common and in general, it is more unique because instead of citrus, the opening is sweeter with notes from apple and ginger. It is definitely more sophisticated but then again, it should be based on your personal taste. 

Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP Presentation

Before getting into what these fragrances are all about, let’s check the presentation. We love how they look because of both simplicity and elegance. In comparison, the Y EDP is more attractive for the branding plate that blankets the bottle. The Sauvage is simpler with a round bottle and a logo of Dior at the top of the bottle cap. They are glass and tinted darker which is also transparent so we can see the liquid inside and personally we like this type of bottle too. 

The YSL Y EDP is square and elegant with a textured cap. The Dior we have today is EDP and you can choose the EDT as well but in comparison EDP will most likely be more expensive. What’s most popular between these variants is the EDT however. The EDP bottle still uses the same fashion but it is tinted darker which makes it look expensive and different.

Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP Notes

Moving further, let’s see what the Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP can offer starting from the notes to get to know what these scents will present. Starting with Sauvage, as you may already know, it is made with bergamot and pepper at the top to give that fresh and spicy scent. The heart is made of Sichuan pepper, lavender flower, pink pepper, vetiver, patchouli, geranium, and elemi, while the base notes are softer and musky with ambroxan, cedar, and labdanum. 

On the other hand the top of Y by YSL is very different by combining bergamot with ginger and apple. It is opening to aromatic sage, juniper berries, and geranium while the base notes are more complex with tonka bean, amberwood, cedar, olibanum, and vetiver.

Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP Notes

Next for the impression, the Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP are also very different even from the opening. One word to describe both is “fresh” but they are not the same because the Sauvage is more citrusy and spicy while for the Y it is fresh and sweet. You can still have some of the bergamot but the first spray is dominated by apples and this is why many people love it. We do think if you personally like sweet fragrance the Y by YSL is a great and tempting scent to wear.

The heart of these fragrances are also different since after a while Sauvage will still smell like citrus and aromatic notes while Y is warmer and sexy from the amber. It is very soft as well but the fragrance strength is very strong. What’s more unique from YSL is that it ends up like green and becoming citrusy. The last scent you can feel from this fragrance is fresh and bright after the warmth is gone but Sauvage maintains the spice on your skin.

Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP Performance 

Lastly we want to talk about the performance of Dior Sauvage and YSL Y EDP. The EDT variant of Sauvage seems to have different performances on people since we hear mixed reviews about it but usually it will last for 6 hours before it is gone from the skin and projection will probably be around 1 hour long. YSL Y EDP is amazing in terms of projection as it can last for several hours but the skin scent is about the same of 5-6 hours for the older batch and newer batch seem to last even longer.

Dior Sauvage Vs YSL Y EDP

There are so many good options to try and these two are ideal for men who want to improve their confidence by smelling great. The difference in nuance is who the fragrance is more suitable for because personally Sauvage is outgoing and “young” or active and sporty compared to Y by YSL which is more serious and probably perfect for a more mature man and whoever wears formal clothes on a daily basis. The projection is much stronger than Sauvage and it lasts for a very long time too. 

- It is an elegance, refinement, and good humor
- For all skin types
- Recommended for casual wear
- A spicy woody fragrance for young men(Generation Y)
- Fresh, bright, juicy, elegant, complex & appealing
- Top notes of white aldehydes, bergamot & ginger


The choice is all yours depending on which seems to fit you the most. Personally we will recommend Y by YSL if you like sweet fragrances or if your partner loves it but if you are an active and a sporty person the Sauvage is fresh and brighter.


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