Dolce Gabbana Light Blue vs Versace Man Eau Fraiche

When you are doing activities, especially in the midst of summer, body odor can become more apparent than any other season. Using perfume or fragrance is one way you can minimize this and even make you smell better. Today, we will compare two perfumes from  prestigious brands, Dolce Gabbana’s Light Blue and Versace’s Man Eau Fraiche.

Dolce Gabbana’s Light Blue

First, let us take a look at Dolce Gabbana’s Light Blue perfume. The Dolce Gabbana’s Light Blue perfume was released by Dolce Gabbana in 2001 and targeted for women. The perfumer behind this perfume is Oliver Cresp. Oliver Cresp is a well-known perfumer who already made about 198 perfumes, including the Gentleman Givenchy, Kenzo Amour, and Versace’s Man Eau Fraîche which we latter will take a look at. Read also: Davidoff Cool Water vs Nautica Voyage.

When you receive this perfume for the first time, you will receive it in a standard box with deep blue color as the base and light blue color in the cloud pattern all over it. In front of the box, you will see the name Dolce Gabbana Light Blue at the center of the box and additional information at the bottom. Inside the box is where the perfume bottle is.

The body of the bottle is made from white transparent glass, while at the center of it is colored a little bit brownish due to the perfume liquid. At the center of the bottle, the name Dolce Gabbana Light Blue is written. Above the body is a housing for the atomizer with the cap on top of it made from plastic and colored blue. Talking about the atomizer, it is good enough that you will not notice any kind of droplet mark in your clothes when you apply it.

 Dolce Gabbana Light BlueVersace Man Eau Fraiche
Product Dimensions5 x 7 x 9 inches6 x 5 x 4 inches
Shipping Weight3.52 ounces3.36 ounces
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For the composition of the Dolce Gabbana’s Light Blue, it is composed of three notes with every scent in the notes is aimed to bring about a seashore sensation and Sicilian feels when you smell it. The first note, or the top note, will be the first scent that you will smell when you first apply this perfume. Here we have Sicilian Lemon, Bellflower, Cedar, and Apple. Next, the second note, or the middle note, will come out after about 30 minutes after you first applied the perfume. Here we have Jasmine, Bamboo, and White Rose. Lastly, the base note will appear as the scent that will stay until the perfume loses its performance. In Dolce Gabbana’s Light Blue, we have Cedar, Musk, and Amber.

The Dolce Gabbana’s Light Blue is great when used in summer and at daylight, due to the perfume being light in its scent, it will give you the freshness and breeze sensation of the beach when being used. However, the Dolce Gabbana’s Light Blue is performed poorly, with it only able to last for about two to three hours. However, it has quite a good sillage at a moderate range depending on how much you applied it to your body.

Versace’s Man Eau Fraîche

Now, let us take a look at the other product that Versace has, the Versace Man Eau Fraiche. The Versace Man Eau Fraîche comes a lot early compare to the Pour Homme, with it released into the market by Versace in 2006. As previously mentioned, the perfumer behind the Versace Man Eau Fraîche is Olivier Cresp.

When you buy this perfume, you will receive it in a blue box with a snakeskin-like pattern all over the box. In the front of the box, you will see the name Versace and the name of the perfume, Man Eau Fraîche, located right below it. Inside the box, you will find the bottle of the perfume. The Bottle of the Versace Man Eau Fraîche is unique, in the sense that it is shaped as a box with a wave pattern in its side.

The bottle is made from transparent glass with a tint of light blue color. In the front of the bottle, you can see the writing of Versace Men and the name of the perfume Eau Fraîche in the middle of the bottle separated quite far. The atomizer in this perfume is quite good so that it does not leave droplets marks when you applied it to your body.

Talking about the composition, the Versace Man Eau Fraîche is composed of three notes. The first note, or the top note, is composed of five scents: Bergamot, Brazilian Rosewood, Cardamom, Lemon, and lastly Carambola or Star Fruit. This will be the note that gives you that scent immediately after being applied. After the scent from the top note dissipates, the scent from the middle note will come out, which is composed of Tarragon, Sage, Pepper, and Cedar. This note will appear about 30 minutes after you first applied this perfume. Then, the last note or the base note will come out last, which composed of five scents: Sycamore, Woodsy, Musk, Saffron, and Amber.

The Versace Man Eau Fraîche is also great to be used when in summer more than any other season, as the scent from this perfume is quite light and has the characteristic of Mediterranean scents. This perfume is also best to use when it is daylight due to its lightness. The Versace Man Eau Fraîche can last for about 3 hours to 6 hours and has a moderate sillage depend on how much you apply it to your body.


All in all, you better choose Versace’s Man Eau Fraîche than Dolce Gabbana’s Light Blue. While both offer the sensation of fresh summer and the Mediterranean feels, the Versace’s Man Eau Fraîche performed much better compared to the Dolce Gabbana’s. However, if you are bothered with Versace’s main target being a man and you think that you might not be compatible with it, you may want to try Dolce Gabbana’s Light Blue Intense. It is a better version of the normal Light Blue, from the scent to the longevity performance. Of course, it will be a little bit higher.

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