Dylan Blue vs Aqva Atlantique

Perfume is always a good thing to talk and elaborate. Dive into a perfume world will not be done in a day or two. It needs an entire life to dive and explore. As you may have known in a long way of your life that perfume is not only coming from this era but also has been there since. The only difference is the progress, development, initiative, and technology. You cannot forget about knowledge and science as well. If you go deep into the perfume world and kind of thing that might be untouchable before, you will realise that so many things we need to know about a perfume. 

In very old days, people produced perfume from environmental fragrance, while now you can easily spot ethanol, alcohol, and other chemical material to let it stay more and durable. There can be both advantages and disadvantages. Because today people are competing with each other to find a genius perfume with more environmental elements yet durable. 

Talking about good quality and well known perfume, we cannot step aside and leave Dylan Blue and Aqva Atlantique perfume aside. Some of you may have known, while some of you might be wondering what this perfume is about. But don’t worry, we will talk in detail about it here. S, without any further due, let’s start with Dylan Blue and Its essential element. 

Facts about Dylan Blue

Dylan Blue is a perfume consisting of Calabrian bergamot, grapefruit, and fig leaves. It’s released since 2016 and kind of a modification and elaboration from the Versace Pour Homme collection. The more shocking thing is the fact that this perfume has the original essence of Its product back in 2008 and the old Oud Noir Edition back in 2013. Read also: Davidoff Cool Water vs Bvlgari Aqva.

Judging from the design, It’s absolutely a middle up affordable perfume with Its elegant point on top of the bottle and the color itself which is more to dark blue with some center fill with kind of golden touch things which of course makes it look more expensive. Again looking by the design, everyone might spot and know already that ‘this is for men’. and whoever guesses it, truly correct. 

Dylan Blue is mostly for men. It gives you a kind of classy aura and makes you look attractive and charming at the same time.

Dylan Blue has an aromatic fragrance with some additional wood elements from violet leaf, papyrus wood, organic patchouli, black pepper, and ambrox. If you smell deep into it, you can also find a glimpse of mineral musks, tonka beans, incense and saffron. And at the very last part, It’s of course being completed with a fougere vibe.

 Dylan BlueAqva Atlantique
Product Dimensions17.7 x 15.8 x 11.8 inches5 x 3 x 5 inches
Shipping Weight3.36 ounces12.6 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Availability and Price of Dylan Blue 

As mentioned above, this perfume from design to the core of it has a variety and classy looks in it. From a bottle that comes with clean lines, golden cap, and medusa seal. Dylan Blue is available in 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, and 200 ml with variation of price amongst the market. To get the original product, ensure you buy from a well known market or online market so you can get the maximum and real classy looks. Just don’t spend your money with a fake one and rather make you upset.This product is not produced with only perfume, but has additional shave lotion, deodorant, and bath & shower gel with the same fragrance. 

You know what? To complete whatever persona you have with a perfume, It’s important to align all your fragrance to the same one. It’s weird if you have flower smell on a t-shirt, coal smell on the face, and other smells on the other part of your body. It’s good to align all to give an essential aura. It’s not telling you to use much but rather unified them all. 

In terms of the price, Dylan Blue cost from around 3 to 75 USD or 50.000,- – 1.000.000,- IDR. The cheapest one might be the sample and the most expensive one might be the 200 ml. But It depends again on where you buy it. 

Dive into Aqva Atlantique 

So then what about Aqva Atlantique? This product is more about cologne. It was created by perfumer Jacques Cavallier back in 2005. This perfume has a different kind of feeling than Dylan Blue. Dylan Blue is more to look like a classy one and fit for someone probably who wears a suit on their daily basis or has neat looks, and a clean shot. While Aqva Atlantique is more about being fresh and energetic kind of looks. That’s why this perfume is inspired by the Atlantic Ocean. 

What is the concentrate of this perfume? It contains Calabrian bergamot, Sicillian lemon, and vital water accord with woody tones of vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood and benzoin to complete all the fragrance. 

As you can notice, there are elements that were previously used for Dylan Blue in this Aqva Atlantique perfume. Clabrian, Sicillian, and Patchouli. But then It still gives you a different vibe because of the other elements. 

Dylan Blue vs Aqva Atlantique

- Beauty product
- This item is not a Tester
- Packaging may vary
- Dylan Blue is the new fragrance that captivates the sensual scents of the Mediterranean
- Launched by the design house of bvlgari
- This woody aquatic fragrance has a blend of lemon, apple, rose, water, iris, sandalwood, vetiver, and musk
- For All skin types
- The package dimension of the product is 5cmL x 12.2cmW x 12.4cmH

Aqva Atlantique Type and Prices

In terms of type, Aqva Atlantique has similarity with Dylan Blue. It’s available in 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, and 200ml. It’s not only perfume but also Shave Balm, Eau de Toilette, shampoo, shower gel, and deodorant. The range of price is from 15 USD to 70 USD or around 200.000,- to 1.000.000,- IDR. Aqva Atlantique has a very unique design e.g. bottle shape which looks like an ellipse. Judging from the color which has dark blue, the perfume again fits for men. As It says that It is energetic and fresh, the perfume is used more for middle aged men who have a lot of activity outside. 

Alright, which one do you want as your daily base perfume? Dylan Blue and Aqva both have their own objective and fitness. So you can just choose whatever suits your daily activity. Similarity in elements and price makes it easier to choose. Just ensure to buy from a well known place to get the original one. 

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