Euphoria vs Eternity

When picking any perfume, the most basic aspects that help you pinpoint the perfect perfume are mainly; price and concentration which determines lasting power. Comparing the two perfumes; calvin klein euphoria vs eternity, we’ll get to understand their differences and more so, which one should be you pick.


Main Differences Between Them
First and foremost, perfumes come in different concentrations, namely (by order of increasing concentration); eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de perfum and parfum/perfume. Euphoria, which is an eau de perfum lasts longer than eternity since eau de perfums can last up to 6hours whereas eau de toilettes last up to a maximum of 4hours. With respect to prices, calvin klein euphoria is approximately $72 for 1.70z, whereas eternity goes for $74 for 3.4oz, but the pricing depends on the quantity. Note that 1.7oz equals 50ml hence making euphoria a more expensive product.

Secondly, since perfumes are luxury goods, one might be interested in the casing and design of the perfume. With respect to the aspects in question, the calvin klein euphoria takes the trophy. It is attractive and more appealing mainly since it’s a female product whereas eternity is for men, in case you were asking.

Lastly, the choice of a perfume may also be determined by one’s planned events. Euphoria is a more suitable perfume for outdoor meetings and/or lengthy events, whereas eternity is more preferable for diner parties, evening dates and short occasions.

- Impressions : Glamorous, sexy, sensual
- Smell : Floral fragrance
- Type : Eau de Parfum
- Release date : 2005
- Impressions : Romantic, timeless, feminine
- Smell : Floral fragrance
- Type : Eau de Parfum
- Release date : 1988

Euphoria vs Eternity
In conclusion, the perfume that you decide to use, recommend to a friend or even buy for a loved one, will be mainly determined by those three main reasons. Hence making the race for the better perfume between calvin klein euphoria vs eternity a personally-made decision. Reviews majorly compliment both products, so let your decision be based on if the perfume you’re looking for satisfies the aspects you look for.


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