Galore By Five Star Fragrance Review:Co. For Women. Cologne Spray 4 Ounces

Galore by Germaine Monteil is a oriental floral fragrance for women. Galore was launched in 1964. Top notes are aldehydes, spices, mandarin orange and bergamot; middle notes are jasmine, ylang-ylang, lily-of-the-valley, rose and narcissus; base notes are amber, vanilla, vetiver and incense. This time, we will have a quick and simple review about one of Galore series of Fragrance. The name of the product is Galore by Five Star Fragrance. With the brown bottle features around the packaging and with a bit oval shape on the body and tube of the fragrance, Galore by Five Star Fragrance is success winning the heart of its loyal customers who like the smells come from this fragrance. How can? What are the specifications? Where is the special part of this fragrance? All the questions shoud be answered on the following below. We hope it will help you a lot especially for those who have a plan to purchase it one as your fragrance in daily activities. Happy reading!

Launched by the design house of Five Star Fragrance Co. in 1964, Galore by Five Star Fragrance Co. is classified as a refined fragrance. Galore by Five Star Fragrance Co. adds a touch of classic elegance to any special occasion. This women’s perfume blends citrus scents with narcissus, carnation, rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, and amber tones to create a subtle, floral fragrance that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you are attending a formal dinner party or a wedding, Galore brings out your sense of sophistication and boosts your confidence as you mingle with friends and family. Get and complement your style and revitalize your senses with a dash of Galore Perfume every morning.

This is such a signature fragrance, you will always get a lot of compliments when you wore it because, it works for all occasions. It has a great, long-lasting, sexy, and unique smells but, never overpowering us while using it. Everyone will comments on how nice it smells on you everytime you meet you friends or family. This is also the most delicate and feminine fragrance with very affordable price and totally worth it. You can not only purchase one product because, you will buy another one when it has already out of the bottle and although it has another similar product (it is never as the same as Galore by Five Star Fragrance). When you do discontinued it completely, you will not know what you will do next. You will like it so much because it is easy to use. Awesome Fragrance!

- Fragrance Notes : Citrus, Lily-of-the-Valley, Jasmine, Rose, Amber, Musk. - Recommended use in the evening - Cologne in Perfume Type

Best scent that ever existed! In the 1970s, Galoré by Jermaine Monteil smelled one way when you sniffed it directly from the bottle, but when applied to the skin, it created a deeper, richer scent; it smelled heavenly. Hats off to a fantastic company. We recommend this to all friends and family cannot wait to order again. It is somewhat hard to find and the price is steadily rising. You will so glad knowing that this product is still around! You will never too old to use this kind of fragrance although we know that this fragrance has already been over 50 years in perfume world.

Specifications of Galore by five Star Fragrance
· Fragrance Notes : Citrus, Lily-of-the-Valley, Jasmine, Rose, Amber, Musk.
· Recommended use in the evening
· Signature Fragrance and Special occasions
· Cologne in Perfume Type
· 3x3x3 of dimensions
· 120 ml spray cologne
· Cologne Spray 2.0 Oz / 60 Ml for Women
· Launch Year in 1964
· Model Number is 126199
· Country of Origin is United States
· Warranty until 30 Day – Distributor

Pros of Galore by five Star Fragrance
· Alluring, Clean, and Fresh
· Drwa Compliments and Long-lasting
· Great Smell and Value
· Not Overpowering
· Sensual, Unique and Sexy
· Subtle and Versatile
· Fabolous and Partners like the scent
· Curiousity

Price for Galore by five Star Fragrance
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