Gucci Bamboo vs Guilty

Fall is just around the corner and we wanted to make sure that you have the right perfume for this time of the year. So we tried two different kinds of perfume from Gucci: Bamboo and Guilty and we compared them so you can choose the one that’s perfect for you. Who’s the winner of Gucci Bamboo vs. Guilty? Here’s a guideline to see which fits your preferences best.


Let’s start with Gucci Bamboo, one of the most natural perfumes you ever smelled. It’s so light you (and others) may not even realize you’re wearing any kind of perfume. The name bamboo’ refers to the natural strength of modern women, so it has nothing to do with how it smells. Bamboo is an awesome choice if you just want to use a light but very fresh perfume for an event during the day.

Gucci Guilty is a much stronger perfume – it’s really sexy and spicy with ingredients like mandarin, amber and geranium. It could be a great fit for all night parties or elegant events during the evening. (It’s called “guilty” for a reason after all…) If I want to describe the smell of Gucci Guilty I would say it’s very feminine and floral (but not too floral). Definitely a good choice for the fall but also for spring as it has a touch of floral smell from the ingredients like lilac.

- Impressions : Reflects confidence and femininity
- Smell : Floral - woody
- Type : Eau de Parfum
- Release date : 2015
- Impressions : Glamorous, brave, and very sexy
- Smell : Floral fragrance
- Type : Eau de Toilette
- Release date : 2010

Gucci Bamboo vs Guilty
So which perfume wins the Gucci Bamboo vs. Guilty competition? Both Gucci Bamboo and Gucci Guilty are very classy and both could be a great choice, it all depends on what occasions would you like to wear them – for a light chit chat with friends in the middle of the day or for a party in the evening or at night. If you want something more natural and light – Gucci Bamboo’s your perfume. If you prefer something more sexy and “guilty” – Gucci Guilty’s the winner.


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