Invictus Aqua vs Acqua di Gio 

Here, we have Invictus Aqua vs Acqua di Gio, two aquatic fragrances suitable for the summer days. Although they fall in the same broad category of “aquatic”, Invictus Aqua and Acqua di Gio are still very different scents. One would say that Invictus Aqua by Paco Rabanne is younger and more generic, whereas Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio is a more mature and more serious scent.

Below, we will compare these two fragrances and cover the following topics:

  • The opening notes of Invictus Aqua and Acqua di Gio
  • The comparison of their heart and base notes
  • The overall impression of Invictus Aqua vs Acqua di Gio
  • The comparison of their sillage and projection
  • Which fragrance has better longevity and lasts longer
  • Whether Invictus Aqua or Acqua di Gio will be more suitable for you

Invictus Aqua vs Acqua di Gio: Presentation

Invictus Aqua was initially released in 2016, but it was re-launched in 2018 in a new bottle. Paco Rabanne has managed to work with two perfumers to design this scent, they are Nicolas Beaulieuu and Juliette Karagueuzoglou. Unlike the fougere fragrances Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male vs Dior Sauvage, Invictus Aqua is a woody aquatic scent, so it tends to have a lighter impression and is best for the warmer days. Read also: Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male vs Dior Sauvage.

The main idea of Invictus Aqua is the fresh spirit of a winner. This is made obvious by the bottle, which is a semi-transparent glass that is shaped like a trophy, complete with handles on the left and right and a metallic cap and bottom. Compared to the 2016’s version, the 2018’s version seems to put more emphasis on the freshness, as the bottle now has a bluish hue instead of a plain white color.

Some people consider Acqua di Gio as a legendary scent, due to the fact that it was first launched in 1996 and still remains popular today. It was the result of the work of three perfumers:  Alberto Morillas, Christian Dussoulier, and Annick Menardo. According to the company, Acqua di Gio was inspired by the beautiful island of Pantelleria where Giorgio Armani went for vacation.

It is an aromatic aquatic scent. Acqua di Gio comes in a simple, elegant, straight-to-the-point container. The smoked glass bottle is semi-transparent, with the product name on the front and a big pop-off cap on the top. Under the cap, you will find a strong sprayer that produces a generous spray.

 Invictus AquaAcqua di Gio 
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Invictus Aqua vs Acqua di Gio: How They Smell

Invictus Aqua starts with fresh, pleasant marine notes. After spraying it across your body, you will immediately be greeted by sparkling yuzu. This citrus aroma is supported by grapefruit. Sprinkles of pink pepper add a bit more fruitiness and soapiness. Hints of ambergris provide a saltiness allure of the ocean. Such an opening is very energizing and enjoyable.

However, as Invictus Aqua dries down and unfolds its heart, you will get find the dominating notes of violet leaf and guaiac wood. It transforms into a woody scent with bits of outdoor dirtiness. Now, the projection is not very powerful, but you can still notice it if your nose gets close to the skin.

In the last stage of the scent, the yuzu, ambergris, violet leaf, and guaiac wood blend together with the aquatic notes. The result smells pretty much like seawater. This only happens when the scent starts to die out, at which time the scent only exists on your skin.

Acqua di Gio is quite different. While Invictus Aqua is the scent of a young guy who surfs in the ocean, Acqua di Gio is a mature man who is freshly shaven and enjoys his time drinking on the beach. The opening is a combination of lime, bergamot, lemon, orange, neroli, and jasmine. The fresh citrus is supported by hints of salt notes.

Following that, the middles notes consist of an elegant sweetness of jasmine, peach, cyclamen, rosemary, violet, and rose. Still, there are salty sea notes lingering in the back. The combination between the heavy, cold sweetness and the light, fresh saltiness creates a classy impression that commands respect. Finally, Acqua di Gio dries down into cedar, white musk, amber, and patchouli.

Invictus Aqua vs Acqua di Gio: Sillage & Longevity

Invictus Aqua from Paco Rabanne has a pretty good sillage. Since it is meant for spring and summer, you can expect it to be light. But it does not completely disappear from the air. It simply leaves a mild atmosphere that will be noticed when someone gets close to you.

The longevity is great. Invictus Aqua can last for about 8 hours. However, you only get the main part of the fragrance in the first six hours. After that, the scent really dries down, and will only be noticeable if you actually sniff on the skin.

Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani has a decent sillage. Compared to Invictus Aqua, Acqua di Gio is a little bit stronger. But it is still a spring/summer fragrance, so it is also on the light side. It projects without being overwhelming.

After the initial spray, Acqua di Gio can last for about 6 hours, so the longevity is good. You can wear the fragrance before going to work and still have the scent when you are about to call it a day.

Invictus Aqua vs Acqua di Gio: Versatility

Both fragrances here are versatile, but Invictus Aqua has the better edge in terms of versatility. Part of the reason is that it is more generic. It is great for work as well as casual moments, and it is definitely a valid choice for going to nightclubs or parties.

That said, Invictus Aqua is best for younger men. Well, actually, a man of any age can wear this scent just fine, but it particularly suits those in their 20s.

Similarly, Acqua di Gio is suitable for both casual and official occasions. You can wear it for the office, for a social event, and for a night out. It works best in spring and summer, quite well in autumn. You can possibly wear it for winter but the scent is just a little too light in the colder months.

However, Acqua di Gio is not as versatile because it is more of a classy scent. For the same reason, while younger men can wear this fragrance and get great results, it is particularly suitable for a mature person.

Invictus Aqua vs Acqua di Gio 

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If we choose based on the smell alone, Acqua di Gio is the winner. It is a classy scent. The impression is more stylish and more mature. It also has better projection.

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