Invictus Aqua vs Invictus Intense 

Invictus Aqua vs Invictus Intense are two fragrances from Paco Rabanne that were released in 2016, though Invictus Aquas was re-launched with a slightly different formula in 2018. Both follow the footsteps of the first Invictus fragrance, that is a fresh and confident masculine scent. So, how do these two fragrances compare to each other? We’ll find out below!

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  • Whether you should go with Invictus Aqua or Invictus Intense

Invictus Aqua vs Invictus Intense: The Packaging

The Invictus line of fragrances was created by Paco Rabanne, a Spanish fashion designer who has also been creating fragrances since 1968. The first Invictus fragrance was introduced in 2013. A woody aquatic scent, Invictus achieved great success and was loved for spring and summer.

Invictus Aqua seems to be quite similar to its predecessor. It is also a woody aquatic scent. It wants to show you the fresh scent of a winner. This aquatic fragrance, like its predecessor, comes in a trophy-shaped bottle. The glass bottle has a light blue hue, once again indicating its aquatic character. The metallic cap has decorative arms on the left and right. Read also: Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male vs Le Beau.

Invictus Intense, however, is quite different. Although it still comes in a trophy-shaped bottle, which is indeed one of the main traits of the Invictus line, the fragrance has darker tendencies. This is shown by the blackish hue of the bottle. Thus, it gives a very different impression compared to its sibling or its predecessor.

Invictus Aqua vs Invictus Intense: The Scent

Invictus Aqua is a slightly more mature version of the original Invictus. This is still a woody aquatic scent, but it is not as sweet. Instead, it has more freshness, more juiciness, and also it is slightly more marine. Still, the opening of Invictus Aqua will energize you with a fresh marine wind.

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The dominating note is yuzu, with strong hints of marine seeping from the heart. The opening is supported by grapefruit, which adds some citrus aroma that sparkles the air. After some time, the heart is unfolded, releasing the full power of the sea that is paired with pink pepper and ambergris. It is fresh and sporty, with a slight soapiness.

This is where you will notice that Invictus Aqua has a similar core as its predecessor but without the sweetness. Finally, as it is drying down, the woody base that consists of guaiac wood and violet leaf joins the stage. Such base notes create a pleasant outdoor impression, though they do not project really strongly.

Invictus Intense is quite different. It is significantly less sweet. While it still has some salty marine notes, they only hang in the background. The opening spotlight is immediately taken by a dark, warm, and slightly boozy combination of black pepper and whiskey. There is also orange blossom, which takes some time to settle and project.

The orange blossom is a nice touch that gives a soft sweetness so that the scent doesn’t become alcoholic, though whiskey is still in a dominant position. As Invictus Intense starts to project its middle notes, you get some light breeze of bay leaf, which may remind you of the original Invictus – just a reminiscent, as it is not quite similar.

Finally, Invictus Intense transforms into a dark, woody, slightly floral scent with the base notes. There is an alluring combination of warm amber and ambergris. Overall, this is a surprisingly rich and interesting scent.

Invictus Aqua vs Invictus Intense: The Projection

Perhaps one thing that some people don’t like about aquatic fragrances is the relatively weak projection. This is also the case with Invictus Aqua. It still has some sillage, but it is not very strong. It only creates a light aquatic atmosphere around you.

To be fair, it is mainly designed for the warmer months, when people typically prefer to wear light things, so it hits the mark in that regard. The longevity of Invictus Aqua is also moderate. The strongest scent lasts only for a couple of hours. After that, the scent will dry down to your skin and won’t be really noticeable, unless you sniff close to your body.

On the other hand, Invictus Intense lives up to its name. It is quite intense, although it is not exactly bold or overwhelming. Invictus Intense definitely is stronger than Invictus Aqua, with a wider projection. Because of this, too, it can be more versatile.

The longevity is better, too. Invictus Intense is somewhat long-lasting. It can remain noticeable for about 5 or 6 hours. After that, it will also dry down to your skin and become a more intimate scent.

Invictus Aqua vs Invictus Intense: The Versatility

Invictus Aqua, like most aquatic scents, is fairly versatile. It can be worn at day and night, for casual or formal occasions. It has a slight impression of maturity, so it is great not only for young adults but also slightly older men.

This scent gives the image of a fresh, energetic spirit. However, Invictus Aqua performs best in spring and summer. It is too light for autumn or winter.

Invictus Intense is more versatile in the sense that it is wearable through the entire year. While the marine hints make it lean more towards the warmer months, it has enough warmth and depth for autumn and winter, too.

Invictus Intense is definitely more mature and somewhat more classy. It is suitable for all ages, but younger men want to wear this when they aim to show calm confidence, rather than raw spirit.

Invictus Aqua vs Invictus Intense

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Although both are good scents, Invictus Intense has a better overall score. It is more mature and more classy. The warm, dark, boozy scent surprisingly has plenty of richness. It still has some marine notes, but they mostly hang in the background. Invictus Intense also has better projection and longevity, and is suitable for all months of the year.

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