Invictus Aqua VS Light Blue Intense

We want to always smell good and wearing fragrance is a method to stay fresh throughout the day. There are so many to consider based on your favorite scent such as Invictus Aqua Vs Light Blue Intense that are going to be perfect for those who love aquatic fragrances. The two are fresh and sexy while being safe for many to wear. If you are interested in using these fragrances, let’s see below about which you may like better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Choose a Fragrance
  • What are Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense
  • How are the Presentation of Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense
  • What are the Notes of Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense
  • How are the Impression of Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense
  • How are the Performance of Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense
  • Invictus Aqua Vs Light Blue Intense

Buying a Fragrance

Choosing a fragrance is like buying a new outfit, something that looks awesome on other people doesn’t mean they will look the same on us. We have different body shapes and even skin color that may affect the type of clothing and color that will look nice on our body. This is very similar to fragrance since everyone has different tastes and preferences. The most important part is that our body has different chemistry that can transform the same fragrance into different scent once it gets dried on our skin.

When it comes to choosing fragrance, it is wise to try them on your skin first before making a decision. While you can read an unlimited list of the best fragrance the market is currently offering, not everyone will have the same opinion and not everyone will like the same type of scent. The good side is always convenience and popular fragrance is worn by so many people so they are considered “safer” as most are already familiar with how they smell.

If you want to be a little adventurous, we can try similar fragrances that we already have or use. Many scents are built by similar notes and if you know what your favorite fragrance is made of, we can use this information to shop for another variant. For example if you love perfumes with floral and powdery notes, we can try the similar options such as Peony and Blush Suede by Jo Malone or Dior Miss Dior if Peony and rose sounds like a great combination with subtler powdery notes.

There is nothing that can beat your own choice so we highly recommend spending some time to find your favorite fragrance first. Try it in your skin and let it dry for later until the scent remains on your skin. If you still like how the fragrance finished, then it is a good sign to try the vial or buy a smaller size of the fragrance first, especially if it is on the more expensive range.

We can wear it the next day and see how people feel about the fragrance we choose. Try asking your close friends or family whether the scent is too strong or offensive. Chances are we put too much of it so if they think the scent is too offensive, we can try putting a little bit and see whether it is still too strong for the people around us. We do think finding a good fragrance also has a lot to do with the people surrounding you.

 Invictus Aqua Light Blue Intense
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About Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense

Finding a balance of the scent that you like and the options that also invite compliments from other people is quite difficult but not impossible. This is where popular fragrances can help because many people love them so the rest is just us deciding the option. There are so many popular fragrances and more on the “similar” range so we have so many to choose from. If it is still too confusing, we can put them apart based on the main notes or how they smell like.

You can easily separate fragrances into simple terms like fresh, flowery, sweet, and warm but there are many more actually. Fresh notes are very popular especially in summer and both men and women fragrances often use fresh notes like citrus and aquatic notes to build their fragrance. For those who like this type of scent or prefer something bright, Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense from Dolce and Gabbana are two well-known options that we can try. These fragrances are extremely popular too.

These fragrances are loved by men who want to appear simple and alluring with a combination of fresh aquatic notes and warm, mysterious dry down. We do think they are completely different from each other because Invictus is more on the aquatic side while Light Blue Intense is more on the fresh, fruity side. Which is more pleasant? We can’t tell for everybody but they are going to fit well if you are wearing the scent on warmer days or during the day for daily activities.

Being two of the most popular men fragrances in the last few years, these options are great alternatives for Dior Sauvage Vs Bvlgari Aqva which are also very popular for being sexy options. Aside from the difference in scent and notes, we think that between Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense the former will be stronger in projection, it is open to more people around you while the latter is milder and some people also say that Light Blue Intense is not smelling as synthetic like the Invictus Aqua.

Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense Package 

The original Invictus was widely loved by many and the Aqua is often said to not be as pleasant as the first version. However, it retains the same fashion and overall similar nuance to the fragrance itself. This one comes in a glass bottle in the shape of, probably a trophy with a silver lid. The box also has similar fashion with light grey finish and white details drawing the logo of the brand. The Light Blue Intense on the other hand is simpler.

It is almost like a bottle of classic fragrance, also using frosted glass. The design is soft and somehow it gives an idea that the scent will be powdery yet it is not. If you have the original Light Blue, they use a completely different design this time with Blue Intense. The frosted glass contains the blue liquid which makes the appearance even more attractive and since both are using glass, it is nice to help you see how much is left in the bottle.

Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense Notes

The most convenient way to find whether you like a fragrance or not besides directly wearing it or smelling it is to consider the notes they are made of. If your favorite notes are building the fragrance, chances are you may like them as well. While Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense are similarly aquatic, they are very different. Starting with Invictus Aqua, this one is made of grapefruit and violet leaf at the top, continued by sea notes, woody notes, violet, and rosewood.

At the base Invictus Aqua is softening it with ambergris and amberwood while on the other hand Light Blue Intense is made with fresh and citrusy grapefruit along with mandarin orange. The middle notes are more aquatic with sea water notes and juniper. The base and what makes it long lasting are musk and amberwood.

Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense Impression 

Now for the most important part, let’s see how the Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense are in experience because they are quite different. On the opening Invictus Aqua is quite strong and you will smell both the marine and amber or woody notes straight from the start. We do think it has better projection too because of the strong opening but compared to Light Blue Intense it is not as fresh. On the other hand Light Blue Intense is opening with citrus fruits and also aromatic.

The marine notes are not as pronounced as the citrus notes and somehow the fragrance also feels a bit spicy. The dry down of the two are different too because after a while Invictus Aqua will be citrusy and powdery. The Light Blue Intense is powdery too, probably because of musk and amber but here you can still smell a little bit of the aquatic scent even when there is no projection anymore.

Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense Performance 

Lastly for the performance, both Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense are decent without being amazingly long lasting. The Invictus is going to have about 1 hour projection and last for 3-4 hours on your clothes or slightly less on skin. As for Light Blue Intense, this one is not as strong even from the start so it has a projection of around 30 minutes and will usually last one to two hours on skin and the last scent we can pick up is mostly aquatic notes.

Invictus Aqua Vs Light Blue Intense

Both Invictus Aqua and Light Blue Intense are popular fragrances and many love them. We do think they are safe options if you prefer fresh and aquatic scents since they are falling into this category. But if you like the fruity type, Light Blue Intense is the one to go while if you prefer a woody notes to accompany the saltwater scents, Invictus Aqua is a very ideal choice. From the overall performance Invictus is also longer lasting compared to Light Blue Intense.

- This men’s fragrance has an inviting accord of bright citrus and warm earthy blends.
- Introduced by top notes of grapefruit, yuzu and pink pepper.
- The aroma is then transported towards hints of seawater and violet.
- The sweetness is balanced with amber and guaiac wood for a perfect embodiment of masculine strength.
- The modern design of the masculine bottle reflects the heightened intensity of the scent.
- A chilled citrus cocktail of refreshing mandarin and frozen grapefruit gives the top notes a cool, elegant twist.
- Aromatic juniper dives into the heart of salty, aquatic accord, conjuring the translucent blue water of the Mediterranean Sea.
- An abundance of vibrant amber woods wrapped in musks extends the radiance and staying power of this masculine blend.


There is no bad option, only the scent that you like better. Personally we like any of the two but if you are not a fan of fresh and bright openings with fruity scents, the Invictus Aqua is going to be a better choice, moreover it lasts longer too on our skin.

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