Jean Paul Gaultier VS Ultra Male

Smelling good is what many of us are aiming to do because it makes you feel good and makes the other people around you feel comfortable too. There are many options to choose from, especially the classic favorites like Jean Paul Gaultier Vs Ultra Male. These scents are very popular and loved by many while being a safe choice too. However, they are not the same so before deciding to choose one, let’s see which you may like better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Wear Strong Fragrance
  • What are Jean Paul Gaultier and Ultra Male
  • How are the Presentation of Jean Paul Gaultier and Ultra Male
  • What are the Notes of Jean Paul Gaultier and Ultra Male
  • How are the Impression of Jean Paul Gaultier and Ultra Male
  • How are the Performance of Jean Paul Gaultier and Ultra Male
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Vs Ultra Male

Wearing Strong Fragrance

We found it pleasant to smell good while scent itself can also affect the mood so it is not surprising to see how wearing them becomes a norm. Sometimes you can notice several different people you pass by are wearing the same perfume and recently this is probably what we experienced with Baccarat 540 which is extremely popular. The best thing about popular fragrance is that many love them so it is hard to offend people with it.

While fragrance is made to make you smell good and pleasant, it is not a rare case that they can be offensive too and we personally think this is very common. Many of us experience perfumes as chemical irritants and causing headache nausea, or just pure discomfort. Not only choosing the ideal perfume or fragrance that meets our body chemistry, it is also wise to learn how to apply them, in order to avoid both wasting the product and making others uncomfortable.

The best way to avoid this mistake is to wear less and learn to wear it on pulse points or both wrists, the back of the ears, and even collar bones. But, do note that these areas can be too much if your perfume is already heavy and very strong. For example, instead of one spritz on each wrist we can just apply once and then gently press them then dab some behind the ears. This method can reduce the strength by about 75%.

When you find that the fragrance has a pretty strong scent, try the less common place too such as the back. We personally often do this for body mist or cologne too and while it is a bit difficult to do as our hand can’t reach it properly, this allows the scent to be milder and not as offensive when getting close to other people. In case you have an extremely strong fragrance such as the Clinique Aromatics Elixir, it is wise to not wear them directly.

If you are fine with this method, we can spray the fragrance to the air in front of you and wait a second then walk in the remaining mist. This is done to dilute the scent so it doesn’t overpower your nose or other people later. For those wearing pure perfumes or anything with 30% or more concentrated oils, it is best to apply them close to the skin. They are often pleasant if you can track down what you like the most in a fragrance yet, be prepared to spend quite a lot too.

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About Jean Paul Gaultier and Ultra Male

There are so many options in case you want to completely avoid wearing something that can bother other people, moreover knowing that we will be among coworkers, relatives, or friends for the occasion. It is wise to try a fragrance and ask around whether it is causing any concern but you can also go with popular scents. The reason is because many people may be already familiar with them and popular options are usually loved by many as well.

Usually fragrances are separated into masculine, feminine, and unisex but this is not a strict rule because anyone can wear any fragrance they like the most. Modern fragrances seem to be sweeter recently and probably because they smell comfortable, many also like combinations of vanilla and powdery notes in their fragrance. For those who prefer classic choices, the Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the best options and while it is quite an old brand, there are still many loyal wearers that have been using them for years.

There are some variants to the brand and speaking of the most well-known fragrances, the original Jean Paul Gaultier and Ultra Male are two promising alternatives to lots of popular expensive fragrances nowadays. These two are created by the same designer and if you are familiar with the Baccarat 540 that can be seen in our Baccarat Rouge 540 Vs Creed Aventus, the original Jean Paul Gaultier or also known as Le Male is constructed by the same person, Francis Kurkdjian in 1995; the same to its Ultra Male.

The Ultra Male however, was launched not long ago or in 2015 and it is not identical to the original version. In comparison, we do think the Le Male is sweet and aromatic at the earlier stages while the Ultra Male is more on the sweet and fresh nuance. Is one better than the other? It is highly subjective to how your personal preference affects the decision. If you are not a fan of sweetness from a fragrance, we recommend the original Le Male instead.

Jean Paul Gaultier and Ultra Male Presentation

For many people, us included, the packaging of a product affects how we feel about it and fragrances have long been known to use this as a marketing strategy as well as identity to the brand, line, or specific fragrance. For Jean Paul Gaultier, the identity is this glass bottle that is shaped in a male upper body or torso with a set of stripes from the collar to hip. They are identical but you can easily tell the variant apart from the color of the bottle.

Personally we are not a fan of completely tinted glass like this since it is difficult to figure out the amount of perfume inside but we get used to it after some time. The packaging is quite unique considering that the original has been around for more than 25 years now. They come in a can packaging; black for Ultra Male and silver for Le Male kind of reminds us of the Blue Jeans by Versace which was also released in mid-90s.

Jean Paul Gaultier and Ultra Male Notes

When choosing a fragrance, especially if you are not familiar yet with the scent, try to know what they are made of. Starting with the original Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, this fragrance is made of lavender, mint, cardamom, bergamot, and Artemisia at the top, continued with cinnamon, orange blossom, and caraway as the heart. The sweetness is actually coming from the base because it uses vanilla, tonka bean, amber, sandalwood, and cedar that gives the fragrance a rounded edge.

On the other hand the Ultra Male is composed of fresher ingredients from pear, bergamot, lemon mint, and lavender for the top notes, cinnamon, caraway, and clary sage in the middle continued with black vanilla, amber, patchouli, and cedar.

Jean Paul Gaultier and Ultra Male Impression 

Next for the impression, Ultra seems to be used for companies to boost a certain quality of the original fragrance they already have and this is also the case of Ultra Male. Many people agree when you say that this is a clubbing fragrance due to the sweetness and in fact it is sweeter than the original variant. Once you spray the liquid, vanilla is the first we come to notice along with the pear and this can be worn by women too.

On the other hand Le Male or the original variant is sweet but the layer below it is not fruity but aromatic and this mint as well as bergamot are adding spiciness into the scent as well that after the first notes disappears it produce a sexy sweet and warm spicy with a hints of greens too. The finish is almost the same but you are getting a slight aquatic note from Ultra Male while the original Le Male becomes sweeter with cinnamon and amber combination.

Jean Paul Gaultier and Ultra Male Performance

Lastly for the performance, both are not very strong so we do think they are easy to wear. The best performance is going to last from one to two hours at most and becomes much milder afterwards. The first to two hours other people will still notice it from near you but the longer it gets, it becomes harder to notice unless for the wearer. They often last for three to five hours on skin but if you don’t move often, they may last longer.

 Jean Paul Gaultier Vs Ultra Male

There are so many good options and classic fragrances to try. The original Jean Paul Gaultier and Ultra Male are very promising classic options if you prefer something sweet but in comparison the Ultra Male is even sweeter than the original variant. It is also fresher and we do think it fits younger male or women who like the sweetness of it. Personally we like them both and the lasting power is very decent but we may have different preferences.

- Le Male, as virile as it is sexy, pays tribute to the mythical figure that has forever inspired Jean Paul Gaultier: the sailor.
- Top notes: lavender, mint, cardamom, bergamot, and Artemisia.
- Middle notes: cinnamon, orange blossom, and caraway.
- Base notes: vanilla, tonka bean, amber, sandalwood, and cedar.
- This Eau de Toilette Intense is an arm wrestle between power and greed.
- Top notes: pear, bergamot, lemon mint, and lavender.
- Middle notes: cinnamon, caraway, and clary sage.
- Base notes: black vanilla, amber, patchouli, and cedar. 


The decision is all yours because these two are quite different with some similarities. We will recommend the Le Male from Jean Paul Gaultier however because it is sweet but not too sweet like Ultra Male and it is also a bit spicy with uniqueness from the mint leaves.


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