Jean Paul Gaultier vs Versace Eros 

We are going to help you choose between two great scents for night life, Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male and Versace Eros. Both are generally considered sweet, sexy scents, but Jean Paul Gaultier vs Versace Eros still have very different notes and distinctive features.

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  • The perfumers behind Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male and Versace Eros
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  • Which one between Jean Paul Gaultier vs Versace Eros that is more versatile
  • Whether you should go with Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male or Versace Eros

Jean Paul Gaultier vs Versace Eros: About the fragrances

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is the enhanced and renewed version of the 1995’s original Le Male. This fragrance was launched in summer 2015, and Francis Kurkdjian is the perfumer behind the fragrance. He has a number of achievements: the Prix François Coty in 2001 for his lifetime achievements, the Cosmétique Magazine’s nose of the year in 2008, and the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres also in 2008. Read also: Burberry Touch vs Weekend.

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is described as an intense, seductive, masculine scent that is also delicate at the same time. This is built upon contrasting notes. The opening contains citrus notes from bergamot and juicy pear combined with mint and black lavender. The middle notes consist of cinnamon, cumin, and aromatic clary sage. The base notes contain woods, amber, and black vanilla. Compared to the 1995’s original Le Male, Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is notably spicier.

The fragrance comes in a distinctive torso-shaped bottle. The dark blue color and the black stripes create a very masculine look. There are 40 ml, 75 ml, and 125 ml eau de toilette bottles available.

Versace Eros has been around for quite longer. It was launched in 2012, designed by the famous perfumer Aurelien Guichard. The opening consists of lemon, green apple, and mint. The heart offers an enchanting mixture of geranium, ambroxan, and tonka bean. The base consists of vanilla, cedar, oakmoss, and vetiver.

Just like many other products from Versace, this fragrance is associated with Greek mythology. This fragrance is named after Eros, the Greek god of love and the son of the goddess Aphrodite. Versace Eros is intended to accentuate a man’s desire, to showcase its unrestrained passion and to release.

Versace Eros comes in a turquoise glass that features the iconic Medusa head on the front and on the top. 50 ml and 100 ml eau de toilette bottles are available.

 Jean Paul GaultierVersace Eros 

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Jean Paul Gaultier vs Versace Eros: How do they smell?

Even though Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is intended to be the successor of Le Male, they actually smell very differently. In fact, a lot of people agree that Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male has a more similar smell to Versace Eros, at least in the opening.

Instead of the classic masculine fougere, Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male overall feels more oriental. The opening is rich and juicy. Pear and lavender notes are the most prominent, and they combine really well. It is bold, but not in the way that pushes you right on the face. It is bold in a laid-back confident manner.

After some time, you will start noticing resemblances of Le Male as the fragrance unfolds its heart. Here, cinnamon and vanilla are the most dominating notes, creating a spicy, sexy and comfy warmth. Hints of caramelized lavender and patchouli help to add roughage and thus create some rugged character. Mint and aromatic clary sage lurk subtly in the background to cool things down a bit. Later, the base offers even more warmth with amber and cedar joining the mix, and liquorice keeps things in check by adding a dark nuance.

Versace Eros, on the other hand, has an invigorating, citrus-filled opening. The green apple, lemon, and mint combination is very energizing. However, they all settle down very quickly to reveal the heart of geranium and ambroxan. This oriental combination feels sweet and alluring.

However, the base is where Versace Eros becomes the most interesting. The cedar and vetiver create a very woody scent, which is further supported by the sweetness of vanilla and leather. The base still retains the freshness from the opening, but the woody accord simmering with vanilla is much more dominating.

Because of the fast transition from the opening, heart, and base, this fragrance often comes across as very bold. If your or your significant other’s favorite scent is vanilla, this fragrance makes an excellent choice.

Jean Paul Gaultier vs Versace Eros: How long do they last?

In general, both Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male and Versace Eros can last a long time. For sure, you can wear either fragrance in the evening, and it will last throughout the night.

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is a very good fragrance because it can easily last for 8 – 9 hours. Compared to Versace Eros, Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male does not have as much loudness and longevity, but it is still very good regardless. This is a great wear if you want to appear sexy and confident but without making the entire room smell like you.

Versace Eros is better in terms of longevity. It can even last a few more hours than Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male, even though most of the duration is filled by the base. However, Versace Eros is also a monster, meaning that the scent is very loud and overwhelming. Thus, you want to wear this fragrance lightly. One spray is often enough, two only if you really want to pull attention.

Jean Paul Gaultier vs Versace Eros: How versatile are they?

Both Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male and Versace Eros are particularly great for autumn and winter. They are also excellent fragrances for night life due to their sexy masculine characteristics. However, if you want something versatile that you can wear in other occasions, you may lean more towards Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male than Versace Eros.

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is more versatile because of a couple of reasons. First, as mentioned above, it is not too bold and overwhelming, so you can pull it off more easily as a casual wear. Second, although it is not really great when temperatures rise, it is still able to hold up pretty well in a warm weather.

Versace Eros is not very versatile. The bold scent will make it difficult to wear casually in your daily life, and even more difficult for formal occasions. Also, you can’t wear it in a warm weather without feeling out of place.

Jean Paul Gaultier vs Versace Eros

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- Le Male By Jean Paul Gaultier For Men - 4.2 Oz Edt Spray
- Country of origin is Italy
- Year Introduced: 2012
- Design House: Gianni Versace
- The package dimension of the product is 9"L x 6"W x 6"H


Between the two, Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is generally the better fragrance because the scent is not too overwhelming while still being bold and confident. It is more versatile, as it can be worn somewhat casually and in more occasions. The longevity is decent, as it can last throughout the night just fine.

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