Jovan Musk VS Black Musk

Not only to look attractive but we also have to smell good and this is why wearing perfume or cologne is great to mask or improve the natural body odor. We don’t have to choose high-end expensive perfume all the time since classic choices like Jovan Musk Vs Black Musk are both familiar and safer to go for if you are not very adventurous. However, before deciding the option, let’s see below about which seems to fit you better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Choose a Signature Scent
  • What are Jovan Musk and Black Musk
  • How are the Presentation of Jovan Musk and Black Musk
  • What are the Notes of Jovan Musk and Black Musk
  • How are the Impression of Jovan Musk and Black Musk
  • How are the Performance of Jovan Musk and Black Musk
  • Jovan Musk Vs Black Musk

Choosing a Signature Scent

Our body is unique and it is not only about the shape but also everything on it from how your hair is shaped to the skin type and whether you will look great with warm or cool tones shades. Additionally our scent is also unique and this is based on the genes. It can be surprising but humans also have differences on their olfactory receptor genes and it affects how people smell something so if you and your bestie don’t agree on a scented candle, it is probably due to this factor. 

Since we live in a society and human itself is a social being, it probably ever comes to your mind about finding a signature scent. In the world with so many different fragrances, it can be extremely confusing but it is not impossible at all to decide. In general there are 8 olfactives that are divided into two groups: warm and fresh. Oriental and leather for example are warm while floral and citrus are fresh. Interestingly chypre and woody are cross between the two.

This type of profile can help you decide the fragrance to match with but while it is great to be an umbrella term, it is also helpful to decide the layer of the scent like most of us know them as the top, middle, and base notes of how a fragrance is built. We can expect to see how a fragrance changes over time as well and this is very prominent. For example the scent we wear in the morning will smell different once we get back home. 

The profile itself is not changing because the scent will stay the same as what the fragrance is made with yet, the smell on your skin will change and this is what often happens on most fragrances. You can think of them as the base note will always stay the longest on our skin while the top will fade away quickly and the heart can influence both. However, this effect is usually happening when the fragrance is in contact with our skin so they won’t be the same compared to when we apply it on the clothes.

This is why when you are in search of a fragrance, rather than smelling it directly, it is best to consider the smell as a whole. The top is often what most of us are choosing on since it is presented first but, it will fade fastest as well and for a signature scent, isn’t it great to have something that can last longer? Which is why the heart and base note should be the most important. When you have the time, try a fragrance and let it dry down to know how they actually smell.

 Jovan MuskBlack Musk
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About Jovan Musk and Black Musk

People taste are different and this is fine because we have to enjoy what we are wearing as well but, it is also wise to ask around, especially the people who will be near you often about what they think about certain fragrance that took your interest just so we don’t accidentally pick something that is uncomfortable for others who will smell it too. There are more than many to consider based on which attracts you the most; they can be mainstream choice or a rare item.

If you want to be safer, we can just stick with popular options because many fragrances we know today have been around for so long and if you feel comfortable in familiarity, Jovan is surely one of the best picks for almost everyone. This brand has been around for decades and not surprisingly they are still widely known today. Many of our grandparents or parents probably used some of their fragrances back in the day so you can recognize them upon smelling one.

Usually fragrances can be separated into masculine or feminine and unisex in scent and to provide men and women with the options but of course at the end of the day you are the one who decided which option to go for. Some of the most popular variants from this brand are Jovan Musk and Black Musk with the latter being an iteration of their original Musk. They have another popular option White Musk, that you can check out by Jovan Musk and White Musk here.

As expected, if you are comfortable or like the smell of musky fragrances, you may also love these two. They are coming with musk as the base notes but, Black Musk is more than just musky with addition of various floral notes that adds a light freshness into the smell. Personally we do think it is a very feminine scent.


Jovan Musk and Black Musk Presentation

One of the charms of fragrances is not only about how they smell but we all know that product design is very important. Some people may buy a bottle of perfume just because they like how they look, such as the A Midnight Stroll by GUCCI or Guerlain Eau De Cologne Imperiale that looks like a bottle of potion. Being a drugstore brand, Jovan is much more modest as you can see from how they pack these two above; it reminds us from most EDT from The Body Shop as well.

The bottle is very simple with a spray push at the top and a cap in the same fashion. The sample we have today is their cologne variant for women. The Musk is available in men’s variant and oil concentrate too. The Musk variant has a gold cap with a clear bottle and a light yellow or gold liquid inside while the Black Musk comes in a black box, gold cap, clear glass, with purple liquid and flowery accent on the bottle. In comparison Black Musk is just slightly more expensive.

Jovan Musk and Black Musk Notes

Now for the most important part, let’s see what both Jovan Musk and Black Musk can offer starting from the notes itself but you don’t have to worry about remembering so many ingredients here because both of them are very simple. This is typical of drugstore fragrances and this is why when they say Musk, it really smells like one and almost nothing else. The Musk variant consists only of musk, jasmine, neroli, and bergamot while the Black Musk balances the musk with floral notes.

There are always pros and cons of simple fragrances and it is because they are easy on the nose. As it has been mentioned above, fragrances coming in layers and the long lasting ones are the heart and the base. For simple fragrances like these you can be more reassured that the dry out will be much more similar to the opening. However, they are less complex and interesting too for some.

Jovan Musk and Black Musk Impression

In comparison, Jovan Musk and Black Musk are also not exactly the same as expected. When first spraying Musk, what we smell is mostly the musk itself so if you like this type of fragrance then we do think both opening and drying out will most likely be the same. There are some notes of white floral after a while if you sniff the skin but from a distance we can only smell the musk notes. The dry out is still musk with its powdery property which is soft in general.

On the other hand, Black Musk is rather balanced and when it is first applied, we can smell both the musk and floral notes at the same time. It is not as sweet as the Musk so in general it is fresher from the flowery scents yet somehow it is fruity too. But, the dry out is still musky and powdery with surprisingly warm notes so if you are bored with typical musky fragrances, this variant can be a great alternative.

Jovan Musk and Black Musk Performance 

Lastly for the performance side, Jovan Musk and Black Musk are very similar to typical drug store EDT. Chances are you will need to bring them in the bag or purse for re-applying throughout the day because they don’t last long on our skin. The first 30 minutes to one hour is probably the furthest they can go and longer than this we will need to actually sniff the skin closely to notice the scent. They blend really well on skin however so we rarely spray them on fabric.

Jovan Musk Vs Black Musk

Both Jovan Musk and Black Musk are good, very affordable fragrances for those who love this classic musky scent. The comparison suggests that Black Musk is both warmer and fresher as well than the original musk but, for some people this can be too artificial. The lasting power is about the same so we have no complaint mainly for how affordable they are. In addition, the dry down still reveals musky notes on both options.

- This perfume has a classy and mysterious scent
- The top notes are soapy and clean smelling, with aromatic bergamot and citrusy naroli.
- Following that, middle notes of warm jasmine add a delicate floral corona.
- All our fragrances are 100% originals by their original designers.
- This item is by designer Jovan.
- Due to manufacturer packaging changes, product packaging may vary from image shown.


The choice is all yours based on which sounds more attractive. Personally we do think if you are bored with the classic Musk we will recommend trying Black Musk, especially for those who love both flowery and fruity warm fragrances. 


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