Jovan Musk vs White Musk

The fragrance we use may give a glimpse of our character which is why people often choose their daily fragrance carefully. Overall the choice is all yours but, there are also popular scents that are loved by many and also worn by many such as the Jovan Musk Vs White Musk. These fragrances are very affordable but smell inoffensive if you prefer something gentler and soft. However, the two are quite different as well so before deciding the option, let’s see the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Choose a Fragrance
  • What are Jovan Musk and White Musk
  • How are the Presentation of Jovan Musk and White Musk
  • What are the Notes of Jovan Musk and White Musk
  • How are the Impression of Jovan Musk and White Musk
  • How are the Performance of Jovan Musk and White Musk
  • Jovan Musk Vs White Musk

Choosing a Fragrance

People may say don’t judge a book by its cover but first impressions matter a lot. When first meeting someone we can’t help but guess how they are, moreover if the person will be important to us whether it is in private life or in business and social life. Being presentable and looking well-cared are the basics but we also feel the need to be pleasant around and this is by at least not smelling offensive. As living humans, we are naturally perspiring and this may cause some odors. 

To help masking or in some arguments match the scent, we use fragrance or scents that can complement our own. The choice is more than abundant out there and just like cosmetics, fragrances have been used since our ancestor’s era and still have its purpose today. While the choice itself is plenty, choosing one is getting more difficult especially as we try to spend more in order to get an attractive smelling and long lasting performing fragrances. If possible we want to get the most flattering but also not too expensive.

For us ladies, you may want to decide what type of scent the fragrance is. There are so many of them and the easiest way is to choose based on your favorite scents whether it is fresh citrusy fruity ones or floral ones, or you like the musk and spicy ones. For a recommendation, those who love softer scent may want to look for the floral types such as fragrances with lavender, cherry blossoms, or roses in it. Fresh perfumes like citrus often give a strong opening so it may not fit into everyone’s taste.

As you may already be aware of, there are several levels of fragrance concentration that are sold in a bottle. From the lowest to the strongest all sold at different price points and different lasting ability as well. It is easy to decide how long you want the fragrance to last, such as 3-5 hours or throughout the day. Yes there are fragrances that can last on your skin until the next day if you don’t take a shower before going to bed.

Lastly is testing the fragrance before buying it and while it can be quite inconvenient, this is necessary to make sure you actually like them. Don’t wear any fragrance or lotion while shopping so we can smell how the fragrance reacts with our body’s natural scent. Put a little on the wrist and see if there is any reaction on the skin and then wait until the smell is gone before you try the other one. Read also: Chanel Allure Sport Vs Bleu.

 Jovan MuskWhite Musk
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About Jovan Musk and White Musk

There are more than plenty to choose from and while it is often confusing, it is wise to go for the one that you enjoy wearing. If you are not too adventurous or don’t really like trying scents that are not as common or familiar, there are actually lots of popular fragrances to try. Those that have been around since our parent’s younger days are a safe choice if you like how nostalgic and calming their scents are. They are also easy to wear because chances are most people are familiar with the scent.

The brands vary widely but familiar scents are also usually coming from the more common names and the best thing is probably because many of them are affordable as well like Jovan. This fragrance brand seems like it will be in the market forever because their scents are loved by many. The choice may not be as wide as designer names but if you are going for the cost-effective options, we do think their musk fragrances are very attractive.

Rather than adventures, their scents give a sense of familiarity hence many people like the comfort they create. They also have the options for both men and women fragrance with the same name or musk based. This type of scent is soft and depending on what they are combined with, it can give an elegant as well as mysterious vibes. For the women’s collection we have Jovan Musk and White musk. Musk is a safe choice and personally we love its versatility.

Musk is quite versatile because it can be combined with other notes and while in general they are rather soft, you can find the options that are a little bit daring as well such as the Red Musk by the Body Shop. But, for Jovan Musk and White Musk, both are similarly on the softer side. The prominent difference is probably the latter is more floral which gives it a feminine nuance to the overall scent. 

Jovan Musk and White Musk Presentation

Moving further, let’s see the presentation of Jovan Musk and White Musk because if you love fancy bottles that look elegant on top of your vanity then these two are not to consider. They are very simple and just like most cologne sold along with skin care and body products. However, they may have their own charm which is the simplicity itself. Chances are you can find them on various bottles as packaging may vary.

The sample here is their 96 ml version but the smaller bottles are available too. The liquid of the original Musk is golden yellow and the bottle itself is clear while the White Musk has this rose tint to it. The bottle also looks fancier with a detailing of a white flower which we assume as honeysuckle. Overall we like the simplistic design and it’s almost like you can guess how they smell from the packaging alone. 

Jovan Musk and White Musk Notes

Now for the most important part, we always recommend trying the fragrance first but there are probably times when you can’t do it. If so then we can try the alternative such as getting to know their notes because they construct the fragrance. Starting with Jovan Musk, it is a very simple combination of musk, neroli, jasmine and bergamot. On the other hand the White Musk gives you more floral notes with honeysuckle and ylang ylang, but also warmer notes like amber and woody notes.

Jovan Musk and White Musk Impression

Next let’s see how Jovan Musk and White Musk smell because this may affect how you will choose them as well. From the first spray, the two are very musky and if you have used musk fragrances before like from the Body Shop or other brands, they are going to be very similar. They are not offensive or strong enough with moderate usage. You can similarly notice the white floral and rather powdery scent after the first impression is gone.

What’s different is we do think the White Musk is stronger than the original variant, the aldehyde is noticeable here. This gives the Jovan Musk a more comforting and familiarity or rather neutral in our opinion which is why it is less offensive as an everyday cologne. The dry down however is pretty similar; after a few hours they will almost like the same fragrance. 

Jovan Musk and White Musk Performance

Lastly we also want to talk about the performance of Jovan Musk and White Musk because all of us want a long lasting fragrance that can still leave a good trace even after a while. Sadly these two are not the most long lasting yet it is not surprising as well. The lasting ability will vary depending on which concentration you have chosen since there are few of them as well available. The original Musk in cologne version lasts for about an hour before it turns out into a softer, powdery scent.

The White Musk is also similar and the flowery notes are mostly gone after the first hour. They will stick on the skin however so if you choose to spray it directly on the skin chances are we can still smell some of it until a few hours later. While it is great for all seasons, we do think the two are best for warmer seasons as they blend well with skin’s natural odor.

Jovan Musk vs White Musk

Both Jovan Musk and White Musk are good options if you like familiar fragrances and softer scents. In comparison the two are very similar but not the same with White Musk being more floral and more prominent especially on the opening. It has the kick that Musk is lacking to maintain its softness so if you like the stronger fragrance opening then the White Musk seems like the better choice while the original Musk is milder.

- This perfume has a classy and mysterious scent
- The top notes are soapy and clean smelling, with aromatic bergamot and citrusy naroli.
- Following that, middle notes of warm jasmine add a delicate floral corona.
- Finally, the earthy scent of sweet musk rounds out this magical fragrance.
- This product is a genuine product by its original manufacturer.
- Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image above.
- Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image above
- This item is not for sale in Catalina Island


You can go amazing with any of the two based on which seems to match your taste the most. The White Musk is more forward, fresh with the floral notes as well as stronger so if you prefer the softer one we will recommend sticking with the original Musk. 

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