Juicy Couture vs Viva La Juicy

Smells good also mirrors attractiveness both for our interest in partner and other people around us. For those women who want appear fresh and girly, we can use feminine perfume like Juicy Couture vs Viva La Juicy. While they are made by the same brands, they have different notes that deliver different scent as well. If you are currently confused about which to choose, go check our article below to see which scent will fit your taste the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why wearing a fragrance
– What are Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy
– What Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy Look Like
– What are the Notes in Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy
– Are Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy Long Lasting
– Juicy Couture vs Viva La Juicy

Fragrance Benefit
Fragrance has been around for quite the time since our ancestors still alive in this world and they last until now. The popularity of fragrance is wide enough it is known by almost all people in different region yet also differ. Today, fragrance is used by both men and women to level up their appearance, not the one we look but the one we feel because we inhale scent and not seeing it. In benefit, they are not only pleasant for those around you, but can also attract other people as well.

Looking neat, professional, and clean are all good quality in a person and while looks can deceive us, as a human being we can’t leave those stigma around. For example, we prefer to talk and befriend those coworkers who has nice appearance, pleasant to be around and dependable in work, so appearance does matter in real world. To boost them, we can dress accordingly and use fragrance so in case we have body odor, we can cover them with those pleasant smell.

Of course fragrance are working different from person to person since we have different personality and taste but the key is to choose those we comfortable the most and listen to what other people think about the scent on you. As for men, we recommend you Mont Blanc Legend vs Legend Spirit for those who want to appear confident.

About Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy
In general, fragrance can be separated by feminine, masculine and unisex type that are also helpful when we try looking for a scent that suit our personality as well. If you are a lady or girl who are more into the soft, cheerful and playful type, the one brand that cross our mind everytime we mentioned about a fragrance is Juicy Couture. The popular name is very well-known among female and just like the name, their fragrance are going to give you a youthful vibe.

Juicy Couture is the brand of the fragrance but they have so many collections inside their catalogue and being in the business for quite some time indeed give them the upper hand to read what the market is currently craving. However, they also discontinued some of their great products in the past and one of the most popular probably being the Dirty English with its oud scent that loved by so many people, even today.

While picking one of their fragrance will require you to test them on site and see how they really working out, for us who are not very fond of stepping foot outside except for work may find it more convenient when ordering them from online shop platforms. Among their collections, if you are the type who loves fresh, sweet and flowery scent, the two great options to go will be the original Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy. With the huge popularity, we are sure many female are familiar with these two already.

The original Juicy Couture was first released in 2006 and designed by Harry Fremont for the brand. In a short time, they have been a huge pick among female especially younger or in their teens or early 20s because of how feminine the scent like and even awarded with the industry’s top honor; the FiFi Fragrance of the year back then. As for the Viva La Juicy, this one is also gaining much popularity but released a bit later in 2008 with similar sweet and floral theme.

Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy Design
If you ever see a perfume by the brand before, we are sure you are also already familiar with how these two look since the design is used in other similar theme perfumes like the Gold and the newest Noir edition. The first thing comes to mind when looking at their bottle is sweet and girly with ribbon in the latter and accessories dangling on the bottle neck. They are actually very well packed and the clear bottle making the juice inside appear more appealing for some reason.

The box of Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy are also similar but the latter version is even sweeter by using bright pink color for of the box’s most part, probably to better represent the inside while the original perfume is milder or calmer with a pastel pink color with only a big logo of the brand printed on the surface.

Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy Notes
On the notes part, the original Juicy Couture is deemed as floral and fruity in general because when first spraying them, what we smell are the freshness or mandarin, watermelon, pink passion fruit, some green leaves, water hyacinth and marigold flowers. When digging deeper, it will reveal the flowery scent like tuberose, lily, and wild rose while the base is made to be sweet since they are using caramels, powdery vanilla, crème brulee, patchouli and woods to finish the scent altogether.

When you are wearing the Viva La Juicy version, the one of the most popular fragrance by the brand, the first thing we will smell is the scent of wild berries and juicy mandarin. After a while, the notes of honeysuckle, gardenia and jasmine mix began to rose while when those notes are passed, we can smell the gourmet rhapsody of amber, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and pralines; in general, this fragrance is fairly sweet.

Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy Longevity
The last part we want to mention about these fragrances is the longevity because we always want to have the one that will stay in your body. Comparing the two, the original Juicy Couture seem to last shorter about one and a half to two hours while the Viva La Juicy is able to last longer for a couple hours more.

Now, let’s compare Juicy Couture with Viva La Juicy. In scent, the original version is boasting and definitely will give you the floral scent first while the other version is more citrusy in the opening and gives up its juicy mandarin scent prominently at the front. At the base, while Juicy Couture is sweet, when comparing them both, Viva La Juicy is sweeter. In addition, Viva La Juicy is also able to last longer in your body so we don’t need much spray.

Juicy Couture vs Viva La Juicy

- Juícy Cōuture Perfume for Women 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum
- 1.7oz/50mL Eau de Parfum Spray for Women
- sweet floral fragrance with a delectable dry-down of creamy vanilla caramel and sensual amber.
- Vibrant berries, sweet honeysuckle and a pucker of mandarin are liquid luxury for the life of every party.

All in all, the difference between these Juicy Couture fragrances are on the notes and we should base our decision on our own taste. However, between the two we do prefer Viva La Juicy better because it is softer with less prominent flowers and more pleasant as well as sweet and last pretty long.


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