Lady Gaga Fame Fluid Review: Black, Just Like the Soul of Fame

Some people are not really into celebrity perfumes because they consider these perfumes as gimmicky, nothing more superior than the usual perfumes, and just collectible items for the fans of the celebs. However, Lady Gaga is one celebrity who is not like any other; she’s one that has her own unique, eccentric, edgy style. So, when she released her own perfume, some of us were probably intrigued, especially since there were rumors saying that the perfume would smell of blood and semen. Well, even though the rumors have been proven to be false, the dark, mysterious packaging of Lady Gaga Fame Fluid still attracts us. Now, let’s get to know better about this perfume.

Lady Gaga Fame Fluid Review

About the Perfume
Lady Gaga Fame Fluid was first released into the market in September 2012. It was produced by Lady Gaga in collaboration with her The Haus Laboratories Paris and the fragrance company Coty. The packaging was designed by Nick Knight, and the advertising campaign was shot by Steven Klein. Lady Gaga described this perfume as “black, like the soul of fame”. Now that is a bold and distinctive theme. The sweet scent and gold crown make references to the allure of fame and fortune, while the poisonous Belladonna ingredient and the black liquid represent the dark, destructive effect fame can have on a person. Again, like fame, the black liquid of the perfume sprays clear and turns invisible once airborne. According to Coty, this is the first perfume that utilizes such technology. These unique features alone already set Lady Gaga Fame Fluid apart from the typical celebrity scents.

The Packaging
The main theme of this perfume is certainly black and gold. The box is dominated by the black color, with the name of the product and the logo printed in a golden hue. With the mysterious air surrounding it, opening the box almost feels like opening the Pandora’s box. Once opened, you will be introduced to an equally mysterious vial. The vial is actually clear and transparent, but the liquid inside is pitch black. The vial is crowned with an edgy, alien-like golden cap. If you have watched some alien movies, the shape of the cap may appear like the tentacles of some alien creature ready to jump and stick on you, yet the golden color still attracts people to come close. Lady Gaga Fame Fluid definitely represents fame in such a deep and dark way, perhaps accurately.

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The Scent
No, Lady Gaga Fame Fluid is not going to smell like blood and semen, perhaps for the greater good. Well, however, it is said that the perfume is based on the molecular structures of those two substances, with the blood element acquired from a sample of her own blood to create a sense of having her on your skin. Nevertheless, the perfume is said to smell like an “expensive hooker”, and is quite a unisex scent, even though it is most suitable for women.

Lady Gaga Fame Fluid defies the norm by not using the usual pyramidal structure of perfumes. Instead, it uses the push-pull technology that projects the aspects of each note in the ingredients without precedence. There are three main accords: Dark, which contains the Belladonna notes; Sensual, which contains the notes of honey, saffron, and apricot; and Light, which contains the notes of Tiger Orchid. Overall, Lady Gaga Fame Fluid is a scent that smells floral, sweet, and slightly fruity. The scent is stable and consistent, as it doesn’t change from top to middle to base. The scent is good, wearable, and can be alluring and seductive. It is best used as a night wear, but can do in the day too. The sillage is pretty good, nothing too intoxicating, yet enough to showcases your presence. The longevity is moderate, able to last for a few hours.

Specifications of Lady Gaga Fame Fluid
Style: Floral, Honey, Sweet, Balsamic, Fruity
Fragrance Notes: Honey, Apricot, Incense, Orchid, Jasmine Sambac, Belladonna, Safron
Sillage: Soft to Moderate
Longevity: Moderate

Pros of Lady Gaga Fame Fluid
– Unique push-pull technology that mixes all the ingredients to highlight different aspects of the notes at the same time
– Sweet, elegant, and possibly seductive scent
– Quite versatile for different occassions
– Elegant and mysteriously dark packaging

Price of Lady Gaga Fame Fluid
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