Marc Jacobs Gardenia Perfume Review: For Women Mist- Brume Edt Spray

Marc Jacobs began offering fragrances in 2001, in conjunction Coty. Marc Jacobs for Women was the first fragrance offering, followed by a companion men’s scent in 2002. After the successful about the previous perfume with Daisy, Dot and Lola, Marc Jacobs introduced the latest fragrances back. Designers who already 50 years old has just released a perfume titled ‘ Gardenia ‘ in last July in 2008. Now perfume inspired by the similar named, garden, that has been present in the world market. Setipe with perfume-perfume Marc before, Honey is packaged in a bottle round. Has a different signature than the others, i.e. the dominance of clear yellow color with a black lid.

The bottle is inspired by designs of the designer’s elegant and modern. For perfume, Marc Jacobs also want the impression of the game. We can not say that this perfume is the best instead of you do not much about the specifications and details of Marc jacob Gardenia Perfume. Although this perfume is not the most favorite one among Marc Jacobs Perfume products, Gardenia itself has the certain thing about materials contain inside this perfume and some celebrities also choose as her perfume for their daily activities. Without wasting too much time of reading some opening words about Gardenia, you would rather read the main reviews on the following below.

Marc Jacobs Gardenia Perfume was launched in 2008. Marc jacob Gardenia Perfume is perfume with floral freshness, it consist of an alloy fragrance Green notes, gardenia and musk which gives the distinctive aroma for women making it suitable for use in day-today activities. Gardenia was inspired by another marc jacob’s fragrance named ‘perfume’. This composition evokes a floating gardenia, as gardenia is surrounded by a watery accord that includes water lily. The ingredients are made from dewy greens blossoms gardenia petals musk.

Marc Jacob Gardenia Perfume is a warmer, less aquatic take on Marc Jacobs’ original perfume. It is certainly sweet, but still more sophisticated than the vast majority of its sugary neighbors on Sephora’s shelves. You can appreciate the need to “tone down” the heavy sweetness of pure gardenia to make it more wearable. This fragrance has been altered sufficiently to make it unrecognizable as having strong gardenia overtones. The resulting scent is a daintier concoction which is a mix of green notes, delicate florals, and a musky undertone. It is undeniably pleasing, but it is not identifiably gardenia. A spritz of Gardenia functions almost as liquid sunshine, evoking carefree summer days at the beach and fresh-faced girls with natural, uncomplicated beauty.Gardenia would be just perfect for Blake, by the way. It is a California gardenia, beachy hair and tinted chapstick, as opposed to more serious, red-lips-and-stilettos New York gardenias like Fracas. I generally tend to skew more New York. Gardenia was discontinued a while ago, but can be easily found online. The lasting power is about what you’d expect for a fragrance that comes in a 10 oz bottle.

- 100 % Genuine Fragrance. - Year Introduced: 2008 - Concentration: Eau De Toilette - Size: 10 OZ

As well as other perfumes especially like the perfume and fragrance brand issued by Marc Jacob, based on our review we receive, auto summary and this Perfume including the type of perfume. There’s nothing that really makes it special to be admired by many despite the fact that not a few people who also love this perfume and wear it in their daily activities. We could say that this perfume is not the best, but not the wrong thing if you want to try it.

Specifications of Marc Jacobs Gardenia Perfume :
· 100 % Genuine Fragrance.
· Year Introduced: 2008
· Concentration: Eau De Toilette
· Size: 10 OZ
· MAIN ACCORDS : white floral, green, musky, animalic, floral
· UPC: Does not apply
· Last for 1-5 hours

Pros of Marc Jacobs Gardenia Perfume :
· Clean & Fresh
· Draws Compliments
· Great and Delicate Smell
· Great Value
· Long-Lasting
· Not Overpowering
· Sensual
· Sexy
· Light and Springy
· Daily Use Work or in bed

Price for Marc Jacobs Gardenia Perfume :
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