Mont Blanc Intense Review: Fresh and Spicy Versatile Scent

If you like fresh, fruity scents with elegant touches, then Mont Blanc Intense is definitely for you. Compared to the original Mont Blanc Legend, Mont Blanc Intense is indeed stronger and more concentrated, as proven by the superb sillage and longevity. People particularly love the hints of pineapple, red apple, and bergamot in the opening as well as the ambient warmth and spiciness from cardamom, pepperwood, and tonka bean. Mont Blanc Intense is generally considered as an extremely versatile scent that is suitable for almost any season of the year and in almost any hour of the day.

About the Product
Mont Blanc Intense is actually produced as a follow-up sequel to Mont Blanc Legend, which is also a big success for the company. However, many users greatly appreciate Mont Blanc Intense more because of the bolder and stronger projection. It is almost like a much more confident being who is not afraid being noticed when going into a room. If you are the type of person who prefers to be stealthy and not becoming the center of attention, Mont Blanc Intense is not for you.

Mont Blanc Intense was first release in 2013, about two years after the original. Mont Blanc Intense was crafted by the same perfumer as the original, Olivier Pescheux. Despite retaining some similar distinctive characteristics as the original, the more concentrated version of Mont Blanc Intense makes its own fan base.

The Packaging
The packaging of Mont Blanc Intense has put gray as the theme color. The box is colored in gray, with a wave pattern in a lighter hue decorating the upper part of the box. The word “Legend” is written in gray with a different contrast level, and the word “Intense” in red. The packaging definitely delivers a very good image of something for a gentleman.

After you open the box, you will meet a dark gray, semi-transparent flacon. We really love the doff texture on the flacon; it feels very nice to the touch. Also, the semi-transparent design is very elegant. The flacon lets you see the remaining liquid inside without appearing ‘naked’. On the cap, there is the brand logo along with the name of the brand carved in such a stylish manner.

The Scent
Mont Blanc Intense can be described as a fruity scent that has a degree of warmth and woodiness behind it. Because of the complex nature, Mont Blanc Intense is quite an intriguing and alluring scent. Many people praise the fruity notes in the opening – of course, the fruity notes are the most prominent ones – but, actually, the supporting notes behind the fruity ingredients are the reason why this fragrance smells so interesting and attractive.

- It is recommended for casual wear - For all skin types - Long lasting fragrance

The opening actually consists of just pineapple and bergamot, but the red apple from the heart notes quickly comes up to reinforce the overall projection. Also in the heart notes are cardamom, pepperwood, and jasmine. The cardamom and pepperwood combine to create a layer of warmth and woodiness, whereas the jasmine keeps things cool. The base notes consist of tonka bean, amber, cedar, and oakmoss.

As mentioned before, Mont Blanc Intense has a strong projection. The sillage is somewhere between moderate to enormous. It projects well beyond six feet away. Due to the strong nature, you don’t want to spray this fragrance too much at a time. Such action is simply inefficient rather than causing an intoxicating smell. The fragrance can last for over seven hours.

Specifications of Mont Blanc Intense
Style: Sweet, Fruity, Aromatic, Woody, Warm Spicy
Top Notes: Pineapple, Bergamot
Middle Notes: Red Apple, Cardamom, Pepperwood, Jasmine
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Amber, White Cedar Extract, Oakmoss
Sillage: Somewhere between moderate to enormous
Longevity: Very good, long lasting

Pros of Mont Blanc Intense
– Highly versatile fresh scent suitable for various events and occasions
– Exceptional sillage and projection, great if you want to be confident with your presence
– Excellent long lasting longevity
– Usable in almost any season and at any hour

Price of Mont Blanc Intense
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