Mont Blanc Legend vs Legend Night

Those who smells good are pleasant to meet and of course will attract people’s good attention towards us. For men, it is also important to pick a nice smelling perfume or fragrance to increase our confident and if you want to feel more appealing, Mont Blanc Legend vs Legend Night are a good option to choose. If you are also considering these options, go check our article below to see how they will smell like and which fragrance will suit your taste the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using Fragrance
– What are Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Night
– How are the Package of Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Night
– What Notes used in Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Night
– Are Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Night Long Lasting
– Mont Blanc Legend vs Legend Night

Fragrance for Men
Let’s face it, becoming attractive is not easy; some people are born with beautiful and handsome faces and good physic while the rest of us have to work hard to gain how we want to look like, such as losing weight, building muscle, wearing nice clothes, make up and of course, they are not complete without a nice smelling perfume, fragrance or cologne. Having a clean and pleasant smell are appealing for both men and women so we can be more confident when talking or meeting other people.

However, our journey to find the most suitable perfume that match with our preference and taste are not as easy as it seems. This is because there are a huge amount of collections available and it can get confusing, moreover, for those with less experience. But, the most convenient way to choose a fragrance or cologne is to see if you are comfortable with the scent or not since wearing something we doesn’t like will be very unpleasant.

About Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Night
Among those many options available in the market, for male customers especially, we are sure most people are already familiar with Mont Blanc because this one is among the leader in the male fragrance market with their popular collection. As you may already know, this brand is a subsidiary of Richemont Group and beside scents, they are also making products like high-end pens, watches, jewelry, and sunglasses. In their scent collection, we can see several popular colognes we often see endorsed by popular models.

Each one of them are made to show our characteristic and if you are here to look for a fragrance that will show your inner aura who are virtuous, self-confident or want to appear calm and compose with a refreshing aura, the collection you may want to check on to are Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Night. Both of them are among the most popular cologne by the brand and it is easy to see why because they are offering what many men wants with their gorgeous mix of scents.

Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Night Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, both of Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Night are coming with a similar packaging especially on the bottle shape because they are packed with a heavy and slightly curved bottle in different color scheme; the original version is in black and silver combination while the Night version is in black and amber color. In general, the original cologne seem to be inspired by the Meisterstuck pen by the same brand.

While they may look available at the same time, in fact Legend was released earlier several years before the Night version in April 2011 in which the latter is released recently in 2017. Both of their boxes are coming with the same color scheme as well and as for the Legend original, they have a black and white nuance while the other is in the same cognac color with gold lettering as opposed to the white and silver color used on the older cologne.

Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Night Notes
The next important part when you are planning on purchasing something from an online market is to check the product carefully and see what they can offer or do when already arrive, so we can minimize the chance of regretting or returning them later if possible. This is the same with fragrance and since scent is something that we have to smell directly before understanding how they will smell like, make sure to check the note so we know what to expect.

As for Mont Blanc Legend, this cologne is opening up or have the top notes of fresh aromatic tones of bergamot, lavender, pineapple leaf and exotic verbena with the middle or heart of the fragrance emphasizing oakmoss note or evernyl molecule mixed with geranium, coumarin, apple, rose, and Pomarosa molecule or notes of dried fruit. The last or the base of this cologne is even warmer with sandalwood, tonka, and evernyl.

At the other hand, as for Mont Blanc Legend, this cologne is said to have woody, spicy, and ambery accent which is the result of work from two popular artist Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux. Compared to the original Legend, this is not an Eau De Toilette but an Eau de Parfum. At the top part, it is playing with bergamot, clary sage, peppermint, and cardamom while the middle notes are apple, fir, cedar, lavender, and violet. As for the base, it is sweet with vetiver, black vanilla, Akigalawood, patchouli, and musk.

Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Night Longevity
After you spray those fragrance, the thing that appear in the first Legend version is definitely bold and confidence, this is the kind of scent for those who knows exactly what they are doing. In the longevity, this is the bad case of an EDT like Legend and if you ever meet people saying that this one doesn’t stay long, they are indeed true because most people see they stay for about 45 minute to around 2 hours.

The things is different when you are wearing Legend Night because just like how they use the notes, this one is more subtle and sweet as well as a little bit fresh, making them suitable for occasion with a calm manner or to give someone a good first impression. Being an EDP also benefit those who wear this fragrance because when tested, they can last very long for about 4 to 5 hours. In general, it suit calmer atmosphere and evening occasions.

Now, let’s compare Mont Blanc Legend with Legend Night. As a fragrance, the thing separate them the most will be the scent and in this part, Legend original is brighter, fresh, bolder and suitable for those who want to appear confidence and striking while Legend Night is calmer, sweeter, which suit any calm occasion or evening events.

Mont Blanc Legend vs Legend Night

- Montblanc LEGEND is a masculine and iconic fragrance for a charismatic and contemporary man.
- Scent Composition: Legend is a fresh fougère fragrance
- This magnetic woody Eau de Parfum embodies a mysterious, self-confident and elegant man
- The fragrance opens with a citrus freshness lifted by cool spices

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have a different taste and preference. In our opinion, the Legend is good for daily activities from morning to later while the Legend Night, suit evening occasion better and those with calmer atmosphere.


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