Mont Blanc Legend vs Legend Spirit

Men becomes attractive not only because they dress well but also pleasant to talk to either with friends, family, partner, colleagues and other people. To be pleasant when around, we also have to smell good and it is quite easy actually by only using fragrance like Mont Blanc Legend vs Legend Spirit. Wearing them will help you increase self-confident so it is important to pick which suit you the most. If you are also considering these two, check our article below to see which version match you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using Fragrance
– What are Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Spirit
– How their Packaging Look Like
– How are the Scent of Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Spirit
– What are the Nuance of Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Spirit
– Mont Blanc Legend vs Legend Spirit

Fragrance for Men
Fragrance is indeed more popular among women since it seems that they put more conscious about how they present in front of other people. However, in present day it is not surprising to see men also becomes more aware about how they look because let’s be honest, we will trust those with neater and overall have a “trusted” appearance when investing whether our money, time or energy so look does matter and we can’t just wipe off stigma from our mind as easy.

As for men, having a nice and presentable look will also benefit us in life including in career and romantic relationship. This including smell good as well and when you appear pleasantly, people around you will also give positive feedback such as getting compliment from other people or increasing your confident when meeting new people or important partner. This case is also effective against the opposite sex since women do pay lot of attention on how we smell, so make sure to give a nice first impression.

With the many options available, we can get confused when dealing with the selection process and if you are also experiencing this, make sure to use other opinion on you but still, you are the one who are going to decide which scent fit your body the most.

About Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Spirit
If this is your first time searching for a fragrance, make sure to ask other people as well on how the scent gives a feeling to their appearance since it is never hurt to listen to as many opinion as possible. If you are in the market for a manly type of fragrance, chances are you are also already familiar with one of most popular brand Mont blanc because they are among those we often see on various ads everywhere; physical or digital. Read also: Mont Blanc Legend vs Legend Night here.

Mont blanc itself is not only offering fragrance for their customer but also various other high end products such as luxury pen and sunglasses. In their collection, they have a huge list of fragrance which consist of different types like eau de toilette and eau de perfume. Before you are picking any of them, it is also important to decide which type you want because the higher its level, the pricier they will get but they also tend to last longer in your body.

When talking about Mont blanc fragrance, the two we are always heard of are Legend and Legend Spirit or in general their Legend series. This series are made for men and they are designed to give different vibe as well as more suitable for different kind of personality and occasions so make sure to pick the one that deliver the kind of scent you like better. Released differently, both of these fragrance are meant to support our self-confidence.

The Legend fragrance is released in April 2011 so they has been around for a long time and it is said to create an inspiring, virtuous, self-confident for the user and dedicated for those who are courageous, passionate and authentic. At the other hand, the newer Legend Spirit is created based on the original fragrance to give off an ultimate and timeless, cool scent.

Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Spirit Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, both of these variants are rather similar to each other because Mont Blanc Legend original that inspires by the long popular Meisterstuck pen has the combination of black bottle with silver, making them manly yet elegant with a box in the same color scheme as well in black and silver fonts. In Legend Spirit, the black color is replaced by white while the rest are still similar to the original version either in design and packaging.

Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Spirit Notes
Another thing that we have to consider when looking for anything with fragrance in it like a cologne or perfume is the notes, so we will know how they will smell like when we spray them in our body. As for the original Legend, this fragrance is available in EDT version and when you use them, the first thing will appear are bergamot, lavender, pineapple leaf and the exotic verbena.

The scent then gradually shift to oakmoss with geranium, coumarin, apple, rose and some notes of dried fruits. At the end or base, this EDT will show its warm notes like sandalwood, tonka, and evernyl. Legend Spirit is even fresh with an opening of refreshing mix of bergamot, pink pepper and grapefruit. Digging further, it will show you a cool aquatic accord which is the mixed of lavender and cardamom while the final touch will reveal the trendy blonde woods, cashmere, white musk and oak moss.

Mont Blanc Legend and Legend Spirit Nuance
The final nuance these fragrance deliver is also different and this is why we need to pick. As for the original Legend, this one will give you a fresh and bold feeling that boost a confident men ready to prove their skills and as for the other version, this one is very casual and easy so in our opinion it is also suit any relax occasion but also good for work that making it a very versatile option.

Now, let’s compare Mont blanc Legend with Legend Spirit. As it has been mentioned earlier, both of them are suitable for any confident men but the Spirit version is manlier and more versatile than Legend original with a different, refreshing scent.

Mont Blanc Legend vs Legend Spirit

- EDT/ 3.3 Fl. Oz.
- Great quality and authentic products
- MŏntBlặnc Legėnd Spírit for Men 3.3 oz Eau de Toilette
- 3.3oz/100mL Eau de Toilette Spray for Men
- While Eau de Toilette contains 5-9%

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we have different taste and preference but if you are looking for the one with a more pleasant and versatile or fresher scent, we will recommend you to pick Mont blanc Legend Spirit.


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