Oh Lola Marc Jacobs Review: Fruity, Flowery, Sweet, and Refreshing

For a young and sweet woman, there is nothing more intriguing than a sweet and cheerful scent. A fruity and floral scent is best suited for such wearer. You are going to make new friends and make them delighted with your presence by using the right fragrance. Oh Lola Marc Jacobs is what you are looking for.

Oh Lola Marc Jacobs Review

About the Perfume
Oh Lola is a fragrance product from Marc Jacobs, an American fashion house that is owned by a man with the same name, Marc Jacobs. Ever since the founding, the company has delivered a variety of fashion and fragrance products, distributed worldwide through over 200 retail stores in at least 80 countries. According to the owner, the style of Marc Jacobs’s products is not and never hot. Curiosity is much more interesting than domination, which is why their products, including the fragrances, are attractive and intriguing instead of heavily sensual. Perhaps a little bit provoking, but not straightly tempting. That is why many people consider the Marc Jacobs brand as elegant.

Oh Lola is not different. It is more of a cheerful and stylish scent that suits perfectly on young and energetic women. However, behind such fun and lively approach, the fruity and flowery notes are always enchanting. Because of that, this perfume does not smell too childish, and is actually nice versatile. Released for the first time in the summer of 2011, Oh Lola Marc Jacobs was designed and crafted by the perfumers Ann Gottlieb, Calice Becker, and Yann Vasnier.

The Packaging
At first, you may mistake Oh Lola Marc Jacobs to be a heavily floral scent due to the looks of the packaging and the bottle. The fragrance comes in a pink box, with the names “Oh, Lola!” and “Marc Jacobs” written with a small black font. There are purple, red, and green abstract drawings on the front that seem like a cropped image of a flower. Indeed, opening the box, you will be presented with a beautiful glass flower. The cap of the bottle has been designed with a decorative pink glass corolla, complete with a green glass leaf. The bottle is oval and pink. Such design clearly indicates that it contains sweet and beautiful liquid.

- Juicy and youthful Oh Lola! was launched in summer 2011 - Oh Lola! fragrance is designed to refresh the upcoming hot summer days, described as "lively, playful, irresistible, stylish and cheerful - This product is firm hold and natural finish

The Scent
The scent of Oh Lola Marc Jacobs is best described as sweet, fruity, floral, and fresh. Even though the bottle greatly resembles a flower, the scent is actually a little bit more of a fruity scent than floral. Nevertheless, the scent is most suitable for summer and spring. It is a perfect day wear choice, but it can also be good as a night wear.

It starts with a fruity mix of the top notes, which consists of raspberry, pear, and strawberry. This is most probably why Oh Lola Marc Jacobs leans more to the fruity side instead of floral. Nevertheless, the opening is sweet and refreshing. It makes a good introduction, especially upon meeting new people. The fragrance then unfolds its heart notes, which consist of peony, magnolia, and cyclamen. As you can see, the heart notes provide the floral accord. They create an excellent, elegant air. Finally, the base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and tonka bean envelop the whole with a pleasant warmth.

Specifications of Oh Lola Marc Jacobs
Style: Fruity, Sweet, Floral, Fresh
Top Notes: Raspberry, Pear, Strawberry
Middle Notes: Peony, Magnolia, Cyclamen
Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean
Sillage: Soft to Moderate
Longevity: Moderate

Pros of Oh Lola Marc Jacobs
– A scent that is lively, cheerful, stylish, and irresistible
– Suitable for spring and summer, mostly as day wear but can be good for night wear as well
– Quite a distinctive scent
– Nice, unique packaging

Price of Oh Lola Marc Jacobs
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