Polo Black vs Polo Red

Speaking appearances in addition to look neat, wearing a perfume could be one factor. By choosing and wearing a perfume that suits the character we surely will add to the confidence when performing daily activities. Then what kind of perfume-perfume that is adapted to the character of the wearer? There may be among you who are so fond of Polo brand. In addition to clothing, there is also a superior product as Perfume from Polo. This perfume also reportedly have a distinctive fragrance that is different from other products. Polo Black and Polo Red are a product that comes with the similarities and differences. To find out more information about these two products at once make a comparison between the two, we will be presenting a single article for all of you.

Polo Black
Polo Black by Ralph Lauren is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. Polo Black was produced first time in 2005. The great man behind this fragrance is Pierre Negrin. The fragrance features with some materials of fragrance like sandalwood, tonka bean, patchouli, mango, sage, tangerine, lemon and wormwood. Not only that, Polo Black has a bold fusion of mango, silver armoise and patchouli noir. We will do recommendation you to use it on your special occasions especially for winter and for summer. Not overpowering at all. Because, the smell is amazing and fresh in a timeless classy way, this fragrance always re-purchase by the loyal customers. The longevity is also moderate, it is usually better than Double Black, which only lasts 4-5 hours on the skin. This is nice cologne since it smells great and does have a unique enough feel for guys who want to stand out a bit from the crowd.

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Polo Red
Polo RED is known as a ferocious and energizing fragrance. The materials of this fragrance includes ingredients fitting the red color. The composition opens with red grapefruit united with cranberry and Italian lemon. The heart of the composition emphasizes accords of red sage, red saffron and lavender, while the “red notes” in the base are described with red wood, hot amber and fragrant coffee beans, also there is the spicy red composition of woody-spicy character is signed by popular perfumer namely Olivier Gillotin, he carried the scent of strength, masculinity and character. Polo Red is fragrance with ultimate design, power, and distinction. For the man with drive, Polo Red can capture speed, seduction, and adrenaline in a sexy and bold scent which is amazingly for the users. You can wear it while you are dating and the longevity will be so great and was projection.

- Polo Black by Ralph Lauren is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men
- Polo Black was launched in 2005
- The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Negrin
- Packaging for this product may vary from that shown in the image above
- Red Grapefruit, Cranberry And Italian Lemon
- Sage, Red Saffron And Lavender
- Woodsy Notes, Amber And Coffee
- Product Packaging May Vary

The choice is all in your hand, why can be like that? Because, based on the characteristics of each fragrance or perfume, Polo Black and Red win some or many hearts by the smells. Of course, both of them have different smells which is suitable for those with each needs of a fragrance. If you want to feel sexier than current condition, Polo Red is there for you.


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