Polo Blue vs Polo Red 

Polo Blue and Polo Red are men’s fragrances designed by Ralph Lauren which being high demand product now days. Coming from the same famous brand, the questions pop up in your mind which version of Ralph Lauren perfume is most suitable for you or for your beloved one to purchase. This Polo Blue vs Polo Red (perfume) will give you a closer look also comparison and will guide you to choose which is most suitable for you.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue

The polo blue perfume is coming with blue color that represent cool image and fresh scent for men. The notes come with amber, cucumber, tangerine, melon, patchouli, moss, geranium and musk that brings aquatic and watery vibes alongside with cool sensation. The image of Polo Blue gives you feeling to wear this on warm or in a cold day, perfect fit for all seasons. Read also: Bleu De Chanel vs Dior Sauvage.

When you try to open the bottle and smell it for the first time, cucumber and melon scent will coming out followed by herbal notes which is powerful and domineering take over. But the transformation of the notes is very smooth that makes it more attractive. Even it has fruity scent for the first time but it has sexy masculinity vibe not feminine vibe.

The Polo Blue has weak implies when you spray it and will not make you and people surround you choke. However, it has good longevity and last all day. Its scent is fresh and you can wear it comfortably.

Polo BluePolo Red 
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Ralph Lauren Polo Red

The Polo Red perfume has contradiction vibe with Polo Blue. Not like Polo Blue which has cool and fresh image, Polo Red is coming with red color that represent warm and energetic image. Same with Polo Blue, Polo Red has fruity and herbal sensation come with notes of cranberry, grapefruit, saffron, sage, Italian lemon, amber and coffee beans. Like its color, this fragrance can be described as sweet, warm, and spicy.

Its fruit notes are far away from feminine or girly but more produce fragrance that has sexual masculinity. The scent is energetic, fresh and warm give you classy image to the ladies. When you first smell the perfume, it pops out with a mixture of citrus and cranberry scents together with Italian lemon and grapefruits. Italian lemon note gives unique European scent unlike others perfume. However, to love this perfume, you must love cranberry notes. But with mix of coffee the fresh scent give touch of maturity. At the last, the fruity smell will bel replaced by Amber notes that brings warm scent from this perfume.

The Polo Red has a bit of an intense beginning but after a while the longevity is not last all day and should applying more.

Polo Blue vs Polo Red

Coming from the same brand, Polo Blue vs Polo Red (perfume) both have some similarities and has their own uniqueness. In this comparison will guide you to find out which the best feature of each and help you to decide with your choice between the two.

The opening of each cologne is very different, opposite of each of other. Neither one of these coming with bad smells at first. The blue one comes with cool air and aquatic opening meanwhile the red one is warmer from citrus or fruits blend.

The Polo Blue obviously with cucumber and melon give watery vibes mix with herbal notes that quite nice. Meanwhile, Polo Red start with sharp scents mix of cranberry and Italian lemon also warm support of amber that makes give it more unique vibe. For you who loves more intense scents for the beginning absolutely will love Polo Red one.

Polo Blue vs Polo Red (perfume) are rather moderate, so it will not cause you headache or choke, allergies and others. According to some users, Polo Blue has better performance than Polo Red. Polo Red is weaker of the two even starts off pretty powerful and to get good performance it usually needs to use a bit more. Meanwhile Polo Blue is keeps fairly steady for longer.

Polo Red has an issue in longevity despite with its intense opening. It will last around 4-7 hour range in most cases and need to reapply. Meanwhile, Polo Blue has better longevity and is capable to stay on all day without reapply. In most cases it will last around 7-9 hour, even it is not powerful at the beginning, but it will hang around with you.

Both Polo Blue vs Polo Red (perfume) can be applied for all occasion, seasons, or style you choose to go with, both are perfect.

Overall Scent
Polo Blue vs Polo Red (perfume) scent are unique and has their own notes. Blue smells more energetic while red is unique, so that is no one scent that can be said better than other. It depends on you preferences scent.

The Price
The price is diverse based on the currency you are living now, but from the internet the price of a bottle Polo Red is around $52.00-$99.00 meanwhile for the Blue one is $53.00-$128.00. The different price of Polo Blue vs Polo Red (perfume) is depend on the size of the bottle. Some e-commerce like Amazon could help you with their currency converter to your local currency at checkout.

- Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men
- Polo Blue was launched in 2003
- Polo Blue was created by Carlos Benaim and Christophe Laudamiel
- All our fragrances are 100% originals by their original designers.
- This item is by designer RALPH LAUREN.
- Due to manufacturer packaging changes, product packaging may vary from image shown.


Both product by Ralph Lauren are great with their own way. The products give you different sensation and feeling while wearing it. So, is it Polo Blue is better than Polo Red or vice versa? The answer is Polo Blue vs Polo Red (perfume) neither one is better than other, depending on your scent preference and performance you are looking for. But, it will suit for any age and the use of these cologne. The price that they offer is worth with their product. Polo Blue vs Polo Red (perfume) comparison is now in your back to convince you decide which one is your favorite for your or your beloved one to purchase.


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