Vera Wang Princess vs Lovestruck

Vera Wang is known for producing beautiful and attractive girly scents. In the following article, we are going to see the comparisons between Vera Wang Princess vs Lovestruck, two women’s fragrances that often make people confused. Actually, Princess and Lovestruck have different characteristics. Both are high-quality scents, only your personal taste may affect your preference. So, should you choose the modern and playful Princess, or the mild yet elegant Lovestruck?

Unlike Vera Wang Princess vs Rock Princess that both have heart-shaped flacons, Vera Wang Princess and Vera Wang Lovestruck have different packaging designs. Of course, the Princess comes in a royal, luxurious glass bottle. The heart-shaped flacon has a purplish tint that makes it look like a precious jewel. The cap is stylized like a crown, further emphasizing the theme of this fragrance.

On the other hand, Vera Wang Lovestruck comes with a more laid-back approach, but it also looks elegant. The rectangular flacon sweetly displays the logo of the product on the front side. Meanwhile, the cap features a beautiful art – the fabrics are folded in an intricate manner to form a flower crown.

Perhaps the question that you should ask yourself when choosing between Vera Wang Princess vs Lovestruck is whether you prefer a bold or light scent. Princess has a bolder scent, though not in any way intoxicating. Lovestruck is a lighter scent, and that is probably the reason why some people consider it for having a weak sillage.

Vera Wang Princess actually has a fruity opening that features apricot, orange, and green apple notes, enhanced with some water lily. However, the sweet heart notes quickly take control. The most dominating notes are chocolate and guava, but there are also tiara flower and tuberose. Finally, the base notes consist of amber, some woodsy notes, and primarily vanilla.

On the other hand, Vera Wang Lovestruck is fruity and floral. The opening consists of guava, orange, and angelica. The heart notes further emphasize the floral theme with lotus and tuberose. Meanwhile, the base is musky, made up by the musk and woodsy notes.

Both Vera Wang Princess and Lovestruck are versatile scents. They are most suitable for day wear, even though one does not need to feel guilty for wearing them at night. Both fragrances are also suitable for most seasons. They are great for casual occasions, and good enough for school or work.

Sillage and Longevity
Perhaps due to the milder combination, many people think that Vera Wang Lovestruck has a softer, weaker sillage. Well, it is not exactly a skin scent. However, people should be in close proximity in order to smell your fragrance. Hence, Vera Wang Lovestruck makes a great choice if you prefer not to attract too much attention from the entire room. It has a moderate longevity, it can last for about three hours or so.

Compared to Vera Wang Lovestruck, you can say that Vera Wang Princess is slightly stronger. Both the sillage and longevity are moderate. It can be noticeable in a small room, and it lasts for about 3 – 4 hours.

- Playful. Unpredictable. Spirited.
- Radiant and whimsical, Vera Wang - Princess is a sheer, fruity floral.
The scent sparkles with the captivating, sweet aroma of delicate lady apples and dreamy water lily.
- A fruity floral fragrance for young women Sparkling
- Used for fragrance , mainly for women
- This is high quality products with good fragrance

Both Princess and Lovestruck are high-quality scents with different characteristics. If you prefer a sweet vanillic scent that has a more noticeable sillage, go with Vera Wang Princess. If you prefer a fruity, floral scent that won’t attract too much attention, go with Vera Wang Lovestruck.


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