Versace Bright Crystal vs Versace Bright Crystal Absolu

Versace bright crystal is one of the most beloved fragrances in the world! It is pure and natural. Recently Versace introduced Bright Crystal Absolu, the intense verson of bright crystal. Versace bright crystal was my first grown-up perfume! Before this perfume i used only kids perfumes. The packaging is realy amazing. It has this huge faux diamond on top, as a cap. Perfume itself smells like heaven! It is fresh and feminine. Little bit fowery. But i adore this long lasting smell.


Both perfumes come in luxury bottle’s. Typical for Versace. Crystal top cap on both bottles is beautifull and looks pretty as decoration itself. For person that loves extraordinary things. should definitly have both products in their posesions. I personaly can’t decide which one i favour. I use both of them in special occasions. Similar smells but in same time very different both accomodate my taste. Truly feminine, elegant, light fragrances. Beautifull magnolia and lotus flower smell mixed with raspberry and pomegranate pleasantly combined with peony, yuzu and musk leaves amazing trail of small that amazes everyone around you.

Usualy i put just few drops behind ear, but essence is so strong i feel like it forms pink cloud of soft smell around me. For me it is very important how long perfume will last on me and how does it makes me feel. Both of this perfumes last quite long. And to be said in simple words they just make me feel precious. Because both of this pefrume are exactly that. Precious.

- Impressions : Fresh, sensual, comforting
- Smell : Floral fragrance
- Type : Eau de Toilette
- Release date : 2006
- Impressions : Fresh, calming, deep
- Smell : Floral fragrance
- Type : Eau de Perfume
- Release date : 2013

Versace Bright Crystal vs Versace Bright Crystal Absolu
I was thinking if i realy had to chose between Versace bright crystal and Versace bright crystal absolu, I simply couldnt decide. Both are unique on their own way even thou similar somehow. If you are soft woman that likes to feel feminine and pure, light and sexy i would recomend to try both of them. For sure, they are my favourite perfumes from them all.


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