Versace Eros vs Dior Sauvage

Previously, we saw the comparisons between Versace Eros vs Gucci Guilty. Versace Eros is a sexy masculine scent that is loved by many people, and is an excellent fragrance for nights out. This time, we are going to see the comparisons between Versace Eros vs Dior Sauvage. Both are sexy masculine scents that often receive praises and compliments from women. If you are wondering which one is the most suitable for you, continue reading and find the answer below.

Fragrance Notes and Impressions
Versace Eros was designed by the well-known perfumer Aurelien Guichard. Launched in 2013, Versace Eros boasts a modern masculine scent that is a mixture of minty and fruity. Its opening features strong notes of mint and green apple, and the combination feels very refreshing and pleasant. It is also enhanced with some lemon to bring forward the fruity notes.

Meanwhile, the heart notes are warm and sweet, featuring tonka bean, geranium, and ambroxan. The base notes consist of vanilla, cedar, oakmoss, and vetiver. In general, you can say Versace Eros is masculine sensuality in a bottle. It is playful, warm, strong, and passionate. However, such sexy scent is only suitable for night wear; it is somewhat too strong for day wear and for men above 30.

On the other hand, Dior Sauvage is quite more flexible and versatile. It was designed by Francois Demachy, and was released in 2015. It has become popular ever since due to the cool scent and versatility. Dior Sauvage has strong notes of geranium, ambroxan, bergamot, pepper, lavender, patchouli, and vetiver.

Just like what the name suggests – “Sauvage” sounds pretty similar to “Savage” – this fragrance is for a strong, aggressive man. It is for the bad guy, and all women love the bad guy. Suitable for all ages, Dior Sauvage is a compliment getter suitable for day and night wear. Thus, if you are a mature man who doesn’t want to smell too young, this fragrance is probably what you’ve been looking for.

Sillage and Longevity
If you are looking for strong projection and great longevity, Versace Eros is an excellent choice. The projection is great; it can cut through all other scents in the room and make you stand out. It also has very good longevity. You can apply it once, and it will last for nearly the whole night.

Dior Sauvage also has very good sillage and longevity. However, in Versace Eros vs Dior Sauvage, it is not as powerful as Versace Eros. It is strong and long-lasting, but just a little bit weaker than the other.

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In general, if you only need a night wear that is sexy and young, Versace Eros is the way to go. Nothing can beat the awesome scent in terms of sexiness, and both the projection and longevity are also excellent. However, if you prefer something that is more versatile which you can use for day as well as night wear, you should choose Dior Sauvage. It is also more suitable for more mature ages.


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