Versace Finest Perfume Bright Crystal vs Yellow Diamond

In a contest between Versace bright crystal vs yellow diamond perfume arriving at an outright winner is difficult. The Versace fragrance line borrowed a leaf or two from Crystal Noir perfume. This motivated them to release their Yellow Diamond brand later on. Both of this amazing Versace scents are amazing.


Product information
What do we understand by Versace bright crystal vs yellow diamond? The two perfumes are quite distinct in outward appearance and fragrance.

Versace bright crystal
The bright crystal has a citrus-themed floral scent that accounts for the fresh smell. Within its pretty pink bottle it seems like the perfect fragrance for a cheerful adventurous lady. Bright crystal produces a unique blend of lotus, magnolia, pomengrate and amber alternating in a unique blend of strong and mild scents.

Yellow diamond
The yellow Diamond has a unique scent, though citrus in addition to being accompanied by lemon, mimosa and pear freshness. The scent released does not transition entirely after application. The yellow diamond has more of a mature overtures. The perfume bottle resembles its Crystal counterpart except for the elegant base which culminates from the large gem at the top.

What’s The Difference?
Both of the fragrances are tailored to accommodate a wide age group. Giving them a ranking is not easy as they provide a great smell when both are layered too. It will be accurate to say that each of the fragrances fulfil a unique market niche. Most women will have a reason why they prefer one over the other. It might suit a specific mood, scenario or day.

- Impressions : Softer and more luminous fragrance
- Smell : Floral fragrance
- Type : Eau de Toilette
- Release date : 2006
- Impressions : Bright, radiant and sensual fragrance
- Smell : Fruity fragrance
- Type : Eau de Toilette
- Release date : 2011

Versace Finest Perfume Bright Crystal vs Yellow Diamond
Versace is an expensive perfume brand and will meet most of the good notes you expect in a quality fragrance. However depending on your likings and preferences, you might be more prejudiced towards one than the other. In a Versace bright crystal vs yellow diamond contest I prefer the latter.


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