Versace Pour Homme vs Channel Allure Sport 

Who doesn’t like to smell good in front of many people? This is one of the reasons why perfume is something important to use daily, especially if you have problems with your body smell. Of course, there is a lot of brands available in the market. Whether it is original or fake. Including if you ever know is Versace Pour Homme VS Channel Allure Sport. Both are a wide world-famous brand of perfume that has successfully have so many fans in the world. Therefore, if you also fall in love with this perfume and plan to buy it more for your daily use, it is suggested to check on the following overview before decide to buy the most suitable product.

Versace Pour Homme

Versace is one of the legendary and famous designers that has launched many of his products worldwide. The brand is not only launched apparel, but it also commits to producing some perfume that has a specific smell from great ingredients. If following the brand history in the market, Versace has continued producing his perfume from many years ago. Therefore, many of his fans are not doubting the fragrance and the smell. Especially those who love the specific expression of a bold and charismatic character created from this brand.

One of the best perfume launched from this brand is Versace Pour Homme. The perfume is categorized as Eau De Toilette and made in a spray version. It is produced as a men perfume and launched several years ago. That is why this perfume is already known widely in the world and many of Versace loyal fans wearing this perfume for various occasions. Listed as one of the famous brands in the market, the perfume consists of several notes which describe the masculine world of men.

 Versace Pour Homme Channel Allure Sport 
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According to the official webpage, Versace Pour Homme brings several lists of notes such as Diamante Citrus, Bitter Orange leaves, and Neroli flowers. The notes also light up the fragrance with Mediterranean accents which describe a specific means for the user. Furthermore, the heart of Versace Pour Homme is characterized through the listed mineral-floral aroma inside it. Moreover, it also almost tactile, of Clary Sage, and Blue Hyacinth. The last notes consist of Amber and Musk which successfully deliver some deep and sensual base notes for men. That is why the essence is a definite perfume of pure masculinity.

Channel Allure Sport

Channel also one of the famous brands in the world that have been known by many people for many years. The design was phenomenal that makes Channel is one of the favorite premium brands in the world and trust by many artists. Not only providing several products such as cosmetics and clothe but apparently, the brand also commits to launched their special perfume to add strong characters of their brand user. One of the most incredible perfume from Channel is the Channel Allure Sport. This is a product that completes the range of Channel products that loves by most of their fans.

Channel Allure Sport perfume is a man perfume and consists of several sizes. Start from 50ml, 100ml and 150ml. The perfume was launched in 2007 and still exist until today. This shows that many men prefer to use perfume for a longer period. Furthermore, according to the official webpage, this perfume consists of several fantastic notes inside it. It is including some sparkling freshness of Italian Mandarin, heightened by a Crystalline Accord, then blends into clean and intense notes of Cedar. It also consists of a sensual, almondy Tonka note pairs with the enveloping notes of White Musk for a deep and intense trail. Therefore, overall it brings a sensual smell of a man. It also describes that this perfume is aim to be an energized fragrance for the user. It brings a fresh smell together with a sensuality that more suitable to use for those that love outdoor activity.

Pro and Cons

Many of the perfume lovers mention that Versace Pour Homme VS Channel Allure Sports are in the same level of notes. That is why many men feeling a little bit confused about determining which brand is more suitable to choose from. However, if you can see specifically, even that both are the same 100ml of Eau De Toilette, but overall they have slightly different notes and smells. Therefore, those who choose to wear the perfume will leave a different last smell at the end. Versace considers more heavy to use and Channel is the overall lighter smell. Hence, those who love simplicity usually will fall in love with the Channel more than with Versace perfume.


It is important to check on the price before selecting between Versace Pour Homme VS Channel Allure Sport. This is to make sure that you buy a suitable product with your available budget. For information, Versace Pour Homme is commonly selling in the market with a price of $85 for a bottle of 100ml of the perfume. While if you prefer the smell of Channel Allure Sport, then you will need to pay for about $97 for the same 100ml content. This makes Channel is a little bit pricier than Versace at the end. However, this price difference can consider not too significant.

Versace Pour Homme vs Channel Allure Sport 

- Eau de toilette
- 3.4 ounce
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- The middle notes include geranium, clary sage, blue hyacinth and cedar
- Eau de toilette
- Beauty product
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From the explanation above, it is clear that between Versace Pour Homme VS Channel Allure Sport, they both are almost similar in terms of smell. Even that the price is not at the same level, but overall it is at the same level of markets. Many artists and public figures fall in love with both products. However, in case you need to select each one of them, then your personality will lead you to choose the best perfume. If you are sporty enough and an easy man, Channel fragrance will work with you. However, those that deeper in romance and loves romantic scenes, then Versace might be more suitable. In the end, of course, it depends on each personal preference. Not to mention that both end up with musk notes which will lead you to a similar smell in the end.


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