Versace Pour Homme Vs Eau Fraiche

waHaving a nice scent is the goal of everyone because it increases your confidence and all of us love smelling a good fragrance worn by other people because it is pleasant to be around them. For men, there are so many masculine fragrances you can try such as Versace Pour Homme Vs Eau Fraiche. These designer perfumes smell good and chances are, they are familiar in many people’s noses as well. If you are considering buying one of them, do check which seems to fit you the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How Fragrances are Being Made
  • What are Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche
  • How are the Presentation of Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche
  • What are the Notes of Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche
  • How are the Impression of Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche
  • How are the Lasting Power of Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche
  • Versace Pour Homme Vs Eau Fraiche

Fragrance Making

Personally we love fragrance, we love smelling good, and it also makes us feel good in a way that improves the mood at times. We remember walking back home from school and finding some wild flowers by the side of the road, picking them and smelling it. Sometimes they don’t have any scent at all and some flowers do have slight scent. Our grandparent’s house also has jasmine growing in their walk path that keeps their garden smells good when it is blooming time.

We don’t understand the reason why but in general humans are attracted to pleasant scent and those fragrant flowers or fruits are always catching our attention whenever we meet one. This is also what happens when you meet people with a nice scent to them, of course humans can’t produce the same flowery or fresh scent those plants can create but to do so we can use either natural or artificial material. This is what fragrance is made for because all of us want to smell good as well as smelling something good.

 Versace Pour Homme Eau Fraiche
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Fragrance has come a long way as they have been used even in ancient times, mostly by women and in the past they also come in various different forms including burning wood, pressed oils, as well as dried herbs. Today, we are using fragrance in almost everything from daily personal care such as body soap and shampoo to scented candles and of course a fragrance or perfume itself.

In the past there was no knowledge in synthesizing a scent yet so everything comes from natural sources be it animal or plant based. The method to extract the scent is typically by expression method or pressing them until the oil is extracted but today there are many other methods such as solvent or by putting plants into big rotating drums where they will be covered with petroleum ether or benzene. When the plants dissolve, they will leave a waxy substance that contains the oils.

After extraction, the oils or ingredients are going through another process called blending according to formula. This can contain hundreds of ingredients depending on the formula while later alcohol or water can be used to dilute these ingredients in perfumes which also decide the strength of your perfume in general. For example, Eau de parfum will have a lower concentration in comparison to body mist thus, making the latter also have poorer performance than those with a more concentrated ratio.

About Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche

The longer lasting they are usually the more expensive your fragrance will be since every spritz matters and for many of us, price is a good start to buy a fragrance because everyone has their own preferred budget. Designer fragrances are nice choices because many of them are very popular and the majority are also affordable as well to let you choose from a wide range of options. If you are shopping online, buying those that are more often being used is probably wiser.

This is because you are not smelling the scent directly hence we don’t really recommend buying fragrance through online stores if this is your first experience with the scent. But, popular scents and brands can become a “safer” option because chances are most people can accept and are familiar with the scent. Since now is summer, what about a nice, masculine, and refreshing fragrance from Versace which are not only affordable but also acceptable so you don’t have to worry about surprising everyone with the new pick.

If you love fresh, summer scent that is perfect for an outgoing person then Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche will be two amazing options to consider. Both of them are often being bought as “blind-buy” by many people since they are very affordable so grabbing a bottle will most likely not be a problem even though you turns out not liking it but, in general many are liking these fragrances or just being worn by tons of people until they become a very common scent you smell while in public places.

If described, both of them are very much similar to each other but not at the same time. They are typically fresh when first sprayed and then wear down into a much softer base but not everyone will like them as well and in comparison you may like Pour Homme or Eau Fraiche better. We personally are more comfortable with Pour Homme but since this is more common, some people may want to differ their signature scent by choosing another fragrance. Read also: Versace Pour Homme Vs Dylan Blue here.

Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche Presentation

First let’s see the presentation of these fragrances first because both of them are quite sophisticated and we do adore these bottles. For the more popular Pour Homme, it is anything but ugly in our eyes. It is glass, the boxy bottle is clear while the perfume liquid inside is blue tinted making it look simple yet elegant. It is also not flat and has elevated front and back to accentuate the shape. There is this Versace logo at the front and an embossed logo at the spray ring.

For Eau Fraiche, instead of black, the box is coming in a skin snake pattern. The bottle is also very different despite still in this boxy form. It is tinted blue and instead of using a silver cap, the cap now is made to blend with the bottle using the same design. What’s unique is their sides which are texturized; almost like a bunch of ribbons being folded together. There is a Versace logo in the bottle and our opinion for this design is too flashy as we personally like a simpler look.

Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche Notes

It is very difficult to guess a scent without actually smelling them but you may have an idea on how these two smell like based on the design. Starting with Pour Homme, the top notes are built with lemon, bergamot, neroli, and rose de mai, while the heart is made from hyacinth, clary sage, cedar, as well as geranium. As for the base, it is made with tonka bean, amber, and musk. On the other hand, Eau Fraiche is made with bergamot, Brazilian rosewood, cardamom, lemon, and starfruit.

In the middle you will find tarragon, sage, cedar, and pepper while the base is made from amber, saffron, musk, woodsy notes, and sycamore. Overall they are very similar to many other summer fragrances which are often boasting the fresh and aquatic notes but in comparison these two are milder and softer as a whole.

Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche Impression

Moving further, now let’s talk about the impression of these fragrances because while Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche may sound similar in terms of formulation, they are also quite different especially when you directly sniff them from the bottle. Starting with Pour Homme, this fragrance is very similar to Allure Homme by Chanel and it opens with fresh, creamy citrusy lemons. It smells clean which is great for hot days and even while you are exercising in the gym without having to feel offensive.

After a while, the freshness is gone and we do like how it dries down because the tonka bean and wood notes here are creating a thick, creamy, as well as sweetness to it including the musk that for some is less fresh or rather smooth and masculine. On the other hand, the Eau Fraiche is more unique because while it is supposed to open with citrus as well, the lemon here is giving off a “dry” impression and the starfruit makes it different or has this sweet yet sour nuance to the opening.

In addition, unlike the Pour Homme which dries down creamy and woodsy, in our opinion this fragrance is more into the spicy type mixed with citrus. The lemon scent is synthetic and somehow it stays longer than the other tops yet, after a while it turns out to be warmer.

Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche Lasting Power

The last part we want to talk about is their lasting power and as you can expect from a fragrance in $40-$50 per 100ml, they are not going to last very long. The sillage is great for about one to two hours but on your skin they can last for a quite long time from 4 to 7 hours. We do think it is a moderate in general but we got what we paid for and Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche are offering a good amount of experience in every spritz.

Versace Pour Homme Vs Eau Fraiche

Both of these affordable fragrances are good to grab while the weather is hot and when you have so much time doing outdoor activities. They are great in the pool, gym, or beach while also versatile enough for everyday fragrance. In comparison, Eau Fraiche is more sour and a bit “dry” while also dries down with spicy notes while on the other hand Pour Homme is fresh citrusy, and turns creamy soft after a while.

- Versace
- Eau de Toilette
- For Men
- Hazmat Non-Returnable item
- EDT Spray
- Versace Eau Fraiche, a lighter version of the Versace Man fragrance, with notes of lemon, tarragon


All in all you should go with just any fragrance that smells great to your nose but personally we prefer the scent of Pour Homme. Not only because you and many others may be more familiar with the scent, it is also more comfortable or well accepted by being less offensive.


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